This abuse of an innocent animal was, thankfully, caught on camera. But how many such incidents go unnoticed and unreported! How many poor animals die or become forever wounded in body and soul because of the cruelty of humans, who either abuse them, or keep them in captivity after killing or separating them from their family, as it happens with a lot of wild animals, dolphins, whales and birds!

In Japan, during the annual dolphin hunt, one fin of a baby dolphin is cruelly cut off and the bleeding, crying baby is thrown back into the water. When the family swims around in anguish, trying to help baby dolphin, Japanese “fishermen” take their sweet time either killing adult dolphins for meat or capturing them for various aquariums.

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And what about the animal abuse that goes on every day in circuses and aquariums all over the world! Recently, a terrible abuse of an elephant in a circus was caught on camera. All circuses and animal shows all over the world must be closed down forever, and the ban must be strictly enforced!

I often speak up on FuturisTrendacast against the ruthless predatory aggression of humans in some countries against humans in other countries for power and money. However, human aggression against animals is just as, if not more, important. You start by abusing an innocent cat or dog – you end up a ruthless killer who doesn’t value any life anywhere, who is only after power and money. With the right set of circumstances, such person will go to another country and bomb innocent people there, and then brag on social media how many they had killed! A person of this kind will blow up the world for the right price.

Canadian multimillionaire, Desmond Hague, who has money bag placed instead of a heart, caught kicking puppy in the elevator. Money instead of heart and soul – how typical. Now he wants to buy his way out with a $100k donation. Please take away, and never give back that poor puppy to this sick, disgusting creep. (The puppy was indeed taken away from him).


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“There are no vicious dogs – just vicious owners.” I also want to share this picture that speaks volumes. #pitbullabuseThere is no such things as agressive dogs. Only agressive owners


From Lada – DOLPHINS:

Bottlenose dolphins

I sincerely hope one day humanity will learn not to initiate violence against anyone, especially against those who can’t defend themselves. At the same time, I also hope humans will learn not to respond with violence to someone’s violence. I do realise at this juncture this is a very tall order. But in the final analysis, violence only begets more violence.
This extreme violence and blindness of the human race stands in especially stark contrast when compared to such benevolent, light and highly developed beings like dolphins. They suffer from human cruelty and can’t even respond or defend themselves. In fact, they often save drowning humans, notwithstanding the horrible attitude so many humans display towards them.

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