According to the relatively recent Russian discoveries (the late professor Levashov and linguist Chudinov, as some examples), and also based on the Russian legends, the Russian civilization is at least well over 100,000 years old and it originated in Siberia, or more precisely, it occupied both a big part of Europe and Siberia, having come from Siberia over 100,000 years ago, where there were advanced cities and cross-continental underground transportation tunnel system through which people could move with lightning speed from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.
That’s who built these massive constructions and it wasn’t done with mechanical devices.

There are also connections to Atlantis, Vedas and runes.

Also, researchers talk about the extra-terrestrial origins of the Russian civilization. What is known as the Russian pagan gods: Perun, Yar and others, are believed to be the ancestors who came from the stars. One of them was Lada – goddess of wisdom, harmony and smooth sailing.

I am trying to reconcile a lot of material about all this and by summer I hope to start writing and doing videos about it.