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Prediction: Crimea Independence Vote

Tomorrow, March 16, 2014, the Crimean Autonomous Republic is voting for independence from Ukraine in a republic-wide referendum.

As I have said before, my prediction is: 75%, plus/minus 5%, will vote for independence from Ukraine and for re-joining Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation. The result could be as high as 80%.

In the run-up to the referendum, the Crimean government has done something very smart: they have afforded the Tatar language the status of the third official language, along with Russian and Ukrainian – something that Ukraine had repeatedly refused to do, therefore securing the Tatar minority’s pro-Russian vote. Compare that with how #Kiev unelected authorities are acting: they have banned Russian TV channels and #Russian language as a second state language, promising the continuous forceful ukrainization of the Russian population. As a reminder: up to 70% in Ukraine consider themselves Russian regardless of their ethnicity, and nearly 90% speak Russian on a daily basis. Meanwhile, in Crimea 97% of the population is Russian-speaking.

The Crimean referendum, to which many international observers have been invited, is happening in the atmosphere of the overwhelming hysteria and threats by the US/EU/UK politicians and Western media, as well as constant attempts by Kiev and Ukrainian nazis to disrupt/sabotage it.

You can read more about this in: Ukraine Geopolitics: Why Does Merkel Disregard Opinion of Her People?

Also, my latest interview with The Plane Truth regarding Ukraine covers this issue and my various predictions.

Those who are screaming about Russia’s “invasion of Crimea,” those who are threatening Russia with sanctions, should remember this:

They were the ones who created instability in #Ukraine. It was USA’s $5bln as admitted by Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, spent on “subverting Ukraine,” on manipulating the maidan, and on training/arming nazi thugs in western Ukraine that created this situation. Watch leaked Nuland video.

They were the ones who made it impossible for the Russian-speaking population to exist on their own land as long as it remained part of the unfriendly territory of Ukraine.

They were the ones whose intention was – and continues to be – to create the area of Middle East-like instability in Ukraine in order to destabilize #Russia, sabotaging its normal existence and development.

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