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New Update December 7, 2014! Save #Dolphins and #Whales – Join #opKillingBay #opSeaWorld TweetStorm 12/19/14

1/23/14 Important Breaking News! 1. Worldwide #WAZA #Tweetstorm to save #taiji #dolphins is tomorrow, 1/24/14! Scroll down for links, hours, how to join! 2. I posted new info on what we can do to ensure the Taiji dolphin slaughter never happens again – scroll down for the list! 3. Help save the rare albino baby dolphin “Angel,” torn away from her mother and sentenced to a life of captivity because of human greed and cruelty! 4. Last but not least, kudos and #gratitude to #Greece for upholding its ban on captive dolphin performances! More below! Read on!

And now, to my post:

My next post was supposed to be about the Chinese New Year of the Horse and my predictions for the year 2014. But then I learned about what is happening in Japan right this moment! 500 dolphins have been trapped in the infamous Taiji Cove where the bleeding, stressed, petrified animals await their gruesome deaths! I am shocked and shaken to the core by this despicable mass slaughter of the gentlest, most beautiful and evolved creatures our planet has ever produced! And all this – for greed and profit!

Japan defends their barbaric annual dolphin slaughter ritual as a Japanese tradition. Slavery was also a tradition; does that mean we should have kept it too?

Bottlenose dolphins

Beautiful, playful #bottlenose dolphins that are being mercilessly slaughtered in Japan right now!

My predictions for the Year of the Horse will have to wait. This post is dedicated to the #dolphins who are being slaughtered in Japan one by one right now!

#Dolphinslaughter in #Taiji #Japan must stop! #HelpCoveDolphins #tweet4taiji

I am #Heartbroken and cannot watch the video below without tears. I cannot bring myself to post such cruel, reprehensible, disgustingly shameful footage of mass murder of innocent, beautiful dolphins on my blog. It is shocking and very difficult to watch, however it must be watched! Awareness has to be raised, madness has to stop, we, humans, need to wake up!

Please click on link to watch it on Youtube. It is called “A Tribute to Dolphins of Taiji, Japan.” There are many more similar videos on Youtube next to this one and they all are full of blood, horror and madness.

Watch the video: 


This is one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve ever seen! Dolphins are endowed with high consciousness and together with whales they serve as a bridge to higher consciousness for humans. Universally known are many, many cases when dolphins have saved humans and animals. They are always playful, kind, sociable, benign beings, who love to accompany ships and swimmers, and even protect humans from sharks.

Watch youtube video: DOLPHINS SAVE A DROWNING DOG:

Amazing vid: Angel Dolphins Save Young Seal!

Dolphins Protect Diver from Hammerhead Shark

And this is how we repay these beautiful creatures – by mass murdering them in the most inhumane, cruel fashion imaginable? Atrocities being regularly committed against dolphins and #whales in #Japan and #Peru make me ashamed to be a part of the human race!

From the article in LA Times By Carol J. Williams, 1/21/14, 3:11 p.m.: The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for years has targeted the annual Japanese dolphin capture and kill for criticism of what it considers inhumane treatment of sentient beings.

“Five separate pods of bottlenose dolphins totaling more than 250 individuals including juveniles and babies were driven into Taiji’s infamous killing cove on Thursday, where they have endured four days of a bloody and traumatizing captive selection process,” Sea Shepherd said in a statement that accused the fishermen of depriving their captives of food while they awaited slaughter.

Fifty-two of the dolphins were selected for sale to marine parks and aquariums, while about 40 were taken onshore to a tent where they were slaughtered and prepared for delivery to butchers to be sold for human consumption, Sea Shepherd activist Melissa Sehgal said in a live-streamed report from Taiji.” Link: http://www.latimes.com/world/worldnow/la-fg-wn-japan-dolphin-kill-criticism-20140121,0,6941058.story#ixzz2r56HuCKp

The clock is ticking!

Not only is #Japan responsible for #Fukushima, not only it is responsible for the ongoing and growing poisoning of the Earth’s oceans and our planet’s atmosphere with radiation to such a degree that no known to man technology can counter it, it is also a profitable business there to engage in the annual mass slaughter of dolphins and whales every September through March!

The dolphins are very trusting and innocent and because of that, they get trapped and captured much too easily by humans in Taiji Cove, Japan. It is much easier, and therefore much more profitable, to prey on such benevolent and peaceful beings!

Japan is infamous for its shameful “annual dolphin hunt,” when the waters of the bay turn crimson from blood of terrified, wounded, and killed dolphins. Most dolphins that get trapped get mercilessly slaughtered, while a few get selected to be transported live to aquaria and marine parks across the globe.

The cruel and painful slaughter of 20,000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales occurs in Japan each year!!! 

#SHAME on you, #JAPAN!


How do we stop the atrocities? What can any human with conscience do?

1. Boycott marine parks and aquaria across the globe! Educate your children about how dolphins and other “entertainment exhibits” have been obtained by these parks! Tell them what’s really going on behind these enslavement parks’ facades! Do you really want your children to grow up applauding and laughing at the enslavement and torture of other sentient beings? @SeaWorld @SeaLifePark @Dolphin_Quest Are Linked to Dolphin Massacre @seattlepi http://bit.ly/LqTPle. #boycottseaworld Tweet them to express your protest!

PLZ sign the petition expelling the Taiji Whale Museum dolphin brokers from WAZA http://ctt.ec/eo8Xa+  #HelpDolphinsWAZA

EMAIL WAZA PRESIDENT Lee Ehmke, tell him to enforce WAZA Code of Ethics for Japan dolphins NOW: lee.ehmke@state.mn.us #HelpDolphinsWAZA

The Taiji dolphin slaughter is in opposition to WAZA ethics. Sign the petition to end it! http://chn.ge/1jr0CtF #HelpDolphinsWAZA

2. Join me and 50,000 others to sign a petition to stop airlines from transporting dolphins and whales to marine parks and aquaria. Sign this petition: http://us.whales.org/campaigns/brutal

3. Tell Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe what you think about him, his government, the despicable slaughter of dolphins and whales, and about Fukushima! More: https://www.facebook.com/jaki.song/posts/10202491993613091 

4. Tweet to Japan’s Prime Minister @JPN_PMO to express how you feel about the slaughter of dolphins! These are my sample tweets (already tweeted – you can also find these in my Twitter timeline and retweet):

1) “@JPN_PMO Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, stop #Dolphinslaughter in #Taiji #Japan NOW #HelpCoveDolphins #tweet4taiji

#dolphins #SHAME on Japan! RT”

2) “ALL, help stop #Dolphinslaughter in #Taiji #Japan#HelpCoveDolphins #tweet4taiji! Protest to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe @JPN_PMO! RT”

3) “#BoycottJapan Boycott ALL Japanese products! #Shame on #JAPAN Shame Japan PM Abe @JPN_PMO! #HelpCoveDolphins #tweet4taiji RT!”

5. WAZA has the power to stop dolphin slaughter. Join WAZA tweetstorm! More: https://www.facebook.com/jaki.song/posts/10202492698310708

6. No Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in 2020, unless they stop the dolphin and whale mass slaughter! More info on how to call/fax IOC  (International Olympic Committee): https://www.facebook.com/jaki.song/posts/10202492293180580. This IOC contact info has been posted by a Japanese American, who strongly opposes this gruesome Japanese practice. Email and more info coming!

7. I understand that a similar practice of mass slaughter of the dolphins exists in #Peru. I will post more information here when I find it.

BRAND NEW INFO added 1/23/14! What we can do to ensure the Taiji dolphin slaughter never happens again? This info has been reposted from onegreenplanet.org


1. Voice Your Concerns to Relevant Authorities

You can contact Hon. Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, via this link. Other useful addresses, phone numbers, and links are listed below:

Websites of Japanese Embassies, Consulates and Permanent Missions Worldwide

List of Embassies and Consulates-General in Japan

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae

Embassy of Japan in the United Sates

2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W

Washington D.C. 20008

Tel: 202-238-6700, Fax: 202-328-2187

Japanese Representatives of the United Nations

H.E. Mr. Kazuyosji Umemoto – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

H.E. Mr Jun Yamazaki – Duty Representative of Japan to the UN

Email: japan.mission@dn.mofa.go.jp

International Whaling Commission (IWC)

The Red House,

135 Station Road,



Cambridgeshire CB24 9 NP,

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1223-233-971, Fax: +44 (0) 1223-232-87

Dr. Gerald Dick, Executive Director, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

WAZA Executive Office,

IUCN Conservation Centre,

Rue Mauverney 28, CH-1196

Gland, Switzerland

Email: secretariat@waza.org. Can also be contacted via this link.

2. Become a Cove Guardian with Sea Shepherd

Joining the Sea Shepherd team in Taiji is a BIG commitment. Sea Shepherd says: “This position requires dedication, time and resources. You must pay for your travel, lodging, food, and all other personal expenses.” However, if you are truly committed to filling this role, you can apply by emailing coveguardian@seashepherd.org. You will then be sent an information packet and questionnaires that must be completed, and if chosen, will be given more detailed information on planning your journey to Japan. Good luck!

If becoming a Cove Guardian isn’t the right fit for you, you can also show your support by following “Operation Infinite Patience” on social media, and urging your friends and family to do so as well. Here are some handy links that will enable you to do just that:

3. Raise Awareness about the Connection between the Taiji Dolphin Hunt and the Demand for Marine “Entertainment”

Capt. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd said on CBS News that the annual dolphin slaughter is driven solely by “demand from marine aquariums around the world.” It is well-known that many marine amusement parks procure their cetaceans from the ranks of Taiji’s survivors. Ric O’Barry of the Earth Institute has hit out at SeaWorld, in particular, for their hypocrisy in pretending to be true animal advocates on the one hand, and tacitly supporting the dolphin trafficking trade on the other. In 2011, he said:

[T]hey choose to pretend the abuse and suffering are not associated with their industry. They refuse to police their industry and help abolish the dolphin trafficking conducted by “Ocean Embassy” (former SeaWorld trainers Ted Turner, Robin Friday et al).

They refuse to help crack down on fellow member aquariums in the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) which, as we speak, are getting dolphins from the inhumane and bloody dolphin drive hunts in Taiji, Japan. Indeed, the Taiji Whale Museum, which supervises the hunts and trains wild dolphins for captivity is a member of JAZA, the WAZA affiliate in Japan!

Theirs is an industry of hypocrites. Well said, Ric!

4. Petitions, Petitions, Petitions!

There are many online petitions out there aimed at stopping the Taiji dolphin hunt. Here are just a few of them:

  • Here is a large anti-dolphin-hunt petition on Takepart.com, which has garnered over 650,000 supporters to date!
  • This one from the Petition Site is aimed at the World Association for Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), urging them to expel the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA) over their support for the Taiji slaughter.
  • Causes.com is running a petition aimed at the Mayor of Taiji, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Japanese Minster of Fisheries, and the Emperor of Japan.
  • Check out this one on Change.org, calling for an end to exhale and dolphin shows – the cruel engine that fuels so much of the horror we have witnessed in Taiji over the past few days.

Link to the original post: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/what-you-can-do-to-ensure-the-taiji-dolphin-slaughter-never-happens-again/

Also, this is a good blog – lots of good updated material and links: http://callofthecove.wordpress.com/

This is a form letter by the Japanese embassy in the USA to any concern regarding the killing of dolphins (Can you believe these evil hypocrites!)

IN FACT: Taiji Dolphin Drives Started1969 & NOT a Japanese Tradition. STOP LAME EXCUSE! http://buff.ly/1eN2R6x  #HelpDolphinsWAZA


SAVE RARE ALBINO BABY DOLPHIN ANGEL, taken from its mother and sentenced to a life in captivity! Angel represents a huge prize for the dolphin hunters, and it is likely that Taiji Whale Museum will keep little Angel for their own promotion and to attract tourists. A rare albino dolphin like Angel is likely to bring a great deal of interest and be a freak show attraction in the museum, which not only houses live dolphins, but also sells whale and dolphin meat in the gift shop.

WATCH VIDEO! http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/angel-the-rare-albino-dolphin-now-at-the-taiji-whale-museum-video/

Sign change.org petition to release Angel back into the wild! 



WAZA tweetstorm 1 24 14

Go here for live updates, times and more petitions to WAZA! Every voice is crucial! Be there! 

More from I Love Dolphins on Facebook


Thank you for signing the above petitions, thank you for contacting the above officials! Please share! Please participate in the Friday, 1/24/14, WAZA tweetstorm! Remember, all this is happening in Taiji, Japan as we speak!!!  

My prayers are with the innocent dolphins and all other animals of Planet Earth. May they be protected against senseless violence at the hands of humans and against human greed!


If you know of any more petitions to help save the dolphins, please post links in the comment section! Thank you!


See this beautiful pic tweet: “If only dolphins could speak English…” in response to all our efforts to help them…



http://1earthunite.wordpress.com: Please help save the dolphins

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