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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

When I see such grave injustice and #animalabuse, I can’t keep silent! I just signed two petitions at change.org to protect the animals: first one against outrageously barbaric practice of killing #rhinoceros in Africa for their highly prized horns, which threatens to annihilate the last survivors of this ancient and rare species; second – for creating a registry of all known domestic animal abusers in the USA. The innocent animals that are a subject of these two petitions are as different as they get, but the conclusion is, unfortunately, the same – the predator, the abuser, the murderer in all cases is A HUMAN! This makes me very sad to be a part of the human race. There is only one hope: those of us who are conscious, those who have compassion and those who care for life on our planet, must take action by signing petitions and spreading awareness, so that such horrible atrocities would stop now!

Please spread the word, comment, like, RT, FB, G+, re-post, and re-blog this post! Please sign these petitions! We need more signatures!

Petition 1. Rhinoceros in South Africa need your help before their extinction!

Sign petition to the Government of South Africa: https://www.change.org/petitions/rhinoceros-in-south-africa-need-your-help-before-their-extinction

Note: Below are some pictures that are highly disturbing. My absolute preference would be to NOT post such pictures on my beautiful and positive Lada Ray Blog. However, I see no other way to raise awareness of such horrific acts!

From the petition:

“Background: The rhinoceros is a large mammal that in fact dates from the Miocene era millions of years ago. In recent decades rhinos have been relentlessly hunted to the point of near extinction. Since 1970 the world rhino population has declined by 90 percent, with five species remaining in the world today, all of which are endangered. Humans are the cause of the demise of the rhinos. Last very sad new on July 21 :


killed rhinoceros

Source: The Guradian/The Observer. Photograph: Reuters. “The last rhinoceros cow in #Krugersdorp park, #SouthAfrica, bled to death on Wednesday after poachers hacked off her horn South African wildlife experts are calling for urgent action against poachers after the last female rhinoceros in a popular game reserve near Johannesburg bled to death after having its horn hacked off. Wildlife officials say poaching for the prized horns has now reached an all-time high. “Last year, 129 rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa. This year, we have already had 136 deaths,” said Japie Mostert, chief game ranger at the 1,500-hectare Krugersdorp game reserve. The gang used tranquilliser guns and a helicopter to bring down the nine-year-old rhino cow. Her distraught calf was moved to a nearby estate where it was introduced to two other orphaned white rhinos.”

In the wild, the adult black or white rhino has no true natural predators and, despite its size and antagonistic reputation, it is extremely easy for man to kill. A creature of habit that lives in a well-defined home range, it usually goes to water holes daily, where it is easily ambushed and killed.

Africa’s rhinos are facing a constant threat due to poachers and trophy hunting. Poaching is on a general  increase whilst efforts to protect the rhinoceros are being considered increasingly ineffective. The reports found that 95% of rhino poaching in Africa since 2006 had occurred in Zimbabwe and South Africa : these two nations collectively form the epicentre of an unrelenting poaching crisis in southern Africa.” Read more.


Baby rhino mourning his mother, who was killed and mutilated by poachers in front of his eyes! And this is done in the supposedly highly protected National Parks!


A pregnant female named Matterhorn, was the fifth to be lost to poaching at Lewa in 30 years. Her two-year-old calf was injured in the attack, but is expected to recover. The incident occurred even though the reserve is protected by a 150-strong security force unparalleled in the conservation world, and is a grim indication of the rising demand for ivory and rhino horn, and the risks poachers are willing to take to feed it. The problem is not limited to Kenya. Poaching throughout Africa is at its highest level since the ivory trade ban was introduced in 1990, and the amount of raw ivory intercepted last year was the highest for 20 years.”

“Affluent Vietnamese driving rhino poaching in S. Africa.”

“From research done by TRAFFIC and reports by independent journalists, it has become clear that 90% of illicit Rhino Horn trade is being conducted in or near Hanoi, Vietnam.
Yet very few traditional medicine dealers are raided by police. It is simply not a priority – yet.
Should the carnage continue, it would mean that the species, which have existed for more than 10 million years, will become extinct in less than 5 years.”

“Elephants and Rhinoceros – Other Victims of Terrorism in Africa. Elephant Action League (EAL) recalled that the horns of rhinoceros and the ivory extracted from elephants’ tusks are sold on the black market at a higher price than gold or cocaine in some Asian regions. An investigation that EAL entitled “The White Gold of Jihad” assures that 40 percent of the illegal capital administered by terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab comes from pouching in African jungles.”

“Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Angola are heading for a collision with rhino conservationists after it emerged that their governments had agreed to the sale of rhino horn powder in clinics and pharmacies.”

“London, Capital of the Rhino Horn Business.”

A word from Lada:

Humans have developed weapons that no animal on this planet, no matter how large, can counter or protect themselves against. Meanwhile, humans should be the stewards and protectors of the living, breathing Mother Earth. It is shameful that the opposite is true, with a human being by far the most vicious, most feared predator on our planet. All illegal animal parts trade must be strictly banned / enforced worldwide, all hunting of endangered species, and any hunting for sport of innocent animals must cease! Rhinos are amazing, unique animals that speak of biodiversity and beauty of our common home, the Earth. We must protect them, and the guilty ones have to be punished in such a way that these incidents would never repeat again!!! If we don’t change this terrible status quo, who will?

P.S. Also needed petitions to the governments of China, Vietnam and other Asian countries known to import or smuggle highly prized parts of rare animals, such as elephant and rhino horns, Siberian tiger teeth, whiskers and pelts. These governments don’t do nearly enough, and sometimes even close their eyes on illicit practices! These governments must do MUCH MORE to educate their respective populations, to raise awareness of the need for animal conservation/protection, to ban such despicable practices, and to adequately enforce these bans!

And this is what they should have looked like! Mom rhinoceros and white baby rhino resting in the sun.


Petition 2: Petitioning United States Senate to Create a Public National Registry of ALL Known Animal Abusers

Sign petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/create-a-public-national-registry-of-all-known-animal-abusers

caged dog

From the petition: “People who abuse animals are psychologically diminished. They are incapable of forming healthy relationships and are dangerous to society. The correlation between violent criminals and those who abuse animals is nearly perfect. If you know someone who has done this or has talked about abusing animals it is important that they be reported. A child, defenseless adult or senior citizen will most likely be the next victim. Even if you think “it’s only an animal” remember this; animal abusers don’t stop at defenseless animals.” Michael Moore.”

A word from Lada:

Just imagine the cruelty of those who put a muzzle on a dog and use him as bait while training other dogs to fight! Just imagine the despicable subhumans who first abuse their dog’s loyalty and desire to please their owner by making him fight other dogs for money, and then, after it is badly injured and can’t fight any more, throw it out on the street to die! Can you imagine any of this? It’s very hard, I know. I personally have a lot of trouble imagining what kind of a… no, not animal; I couldn’t insult animals like that… a wild beast would do such things! Unfortunately, these beasts, these subhumans are all members of the same human race. If we, those who are not like them, don’t stop them, who will?

So, while I agree with above petition statement, my biggest goal in creating a public registry of all known animal abusers would be to actually protect defenseless animals, so that those who’ve ever been known or even suspected of #animalabuse would be prevented from ever being anywhere near another innocent creature they could abuse and so they could never get any job even remotely related to dealing with animals, or be allowed to purchase or adopt an animal!

I can immediately tell by looking at animals what kind of people they live with. I can also tell right away what kind of town I am in by how the animals in such town behave. Happy animals = good people.

happy dog and cat 2

happy dog and cat

Thank you for signing the above petitions and thank you for spreading the word! Each signature matters, each RT, FB, G+, reblog, repost is important!

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In addition to all the above, I want to mention this amazing organization that rescues animals in LA: HOPE FOR PAWS

They do a lot of exceptionally brave and selfless work in the most adverse conditions to rescue abused and abandoned animals, mostly dogs. Watch one of their many viral dog rescue vids:

Donate to Hope for Paws!   

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