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Hello, everyone! I’ve successfully moved to my new home and am settling down. The Internet is back on and I’m back in cyberspace! Meanwhile, the #Sochi #Olympics Torch relay is continuing its record-shuttering journey through #Russia and #OuterSpace. As you see, we both are not sitting idle. 😉

Read my original post: #Sochi #Olympics and Olympic Torch’s Record Journey Through #Russia and #OuterSpace, complete with awesome images of Sochi… and lots of other cool stuff!

As promised, I’m continuing my Olympic torch relay coverage. This torch relay is unprecedented in history. Today, we’ll be watching several historic events: the Olympic flame‘s trip via an ice-breaker to the North Pole; after that, the Sochi Olympic torch’s record journey to the International Space Station #ISS, where it will make a historic walk in open Space with Russian cosmonauts. Spacewalk odyssey will be shown live on RT on Saturday and I’ll add it to this post.

A feat never attempted before!

Ice-Breaking video: Olympic Flame reaches North Pole

Video: Soyuz spaceship with Olympic torch on board blasts into space

Olympic Orbit: #Sochi 2014 torch delivered to International Space Station + Outer Space journey update

This truly is a historic moment. For the first time in history there are 3 spacecrafts docked simultaneously outside the ISS and there are 9 cosmonauts on board, including Russians, Americans, an Italian and a Japanese. It’s great to see people cooperating so nicely at least in Outer Space, if not on the surface of the planet. Perhaps their example will be contagious and they’ll pass on the torch to humans here on Earth.

As promised #Sochi #Olympics torch spacewalk video is here! 

Friends of NASA via Google+

Space Relay: Olympic torch carried on spacewalk outside ISS. Russian cosmonauts have taken the Olympic torch for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games out for its first-ever spacewalk on Saturday. The “cosmic” torch will be the one to light the Olympic flame in February 2014. 
More about everything to do with the Russian Space Program, the Olympic torch space journey and #ISS, see the official site of #Roscosmos (Russian Federal Cosmic Agency). Click on “translate” for English and other languages.