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Paraphrasing Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music:

When my faith in fellow humans takes a hit,

When world events make me sad,

I listen to Andre Rieu‘s beat

And suddenly my heart doesn’t feel as bad.

And more from Lada, the budding poet…

He is famous for spilling the stuffy classical music halls

Into squares of towns all over the world;

For infusing the immortal music’s sound

With fresh air (literally) and crowd’s joyful bout.


I love him for giving permission to himself and others to have fun while performing, and for the contagious, unadulterated joy he brings me every time I listen. Bravo, Maestro!

My favorite waltzes with Andre Rieu

Number 1 favorite pick-me-upper: the immortal Second Waltz (Russian Waltz) by great Dmitry Shostakovich. Andre Rieu’s live performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the people’s participation, all that singing along and dancing. And as many pointed out, people are well dressed and have manners – how refreshing!

My feelings in Spanish:

André Rieu es increíble! La alegría que transmite con su música no tiene comparación! Puedo oírla todo el día!

By the way, hear in the end people chanting in the background: “Mo-lo-dtsi, mo-lo-dtsi,” which is plural for “molodets” – famous Russian word loosely translated as “awesome person/people” (synonymous with “bravo”)…and the concert is taking place in Argentina! He truly is a global citizen – how awesome!

Another favorite: The Blue Danube by incomparable Johann Strauss. I’ve waltzed to this beautiful tune ever since I can remember myself.

Andre Rieu was born in Netherlands, where he is considered a national hero, and I can certainly see why! He isn’t just a musician, composer and mood-lifter par excellence, but turns out, also an accomplished comedian, as seen in this complete concert from his native city of Maastricht, Netherlands.

P.S. Amazing man! Andre Rieu was born in 1949. Did you notice how great he looks at 64? They say orchestra directors live some of the longest in the world, and can have productive careers well into their 80s. This is undoubtedly because being around music, doing what you love, and bringing joy to people keeps you eteranally young.

Molodets, Andre!

André Rieu – Lara’s Theme

Edelweiss – Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu – Somewhere My Love “Dr. Zhivago” & Kalinka (Maastricht 2011)