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Hello, everyone!

This has been a very busy summer. I am looking forward to autumn, my favorite season, although I expect it to be just as busy. Busy is good, as the wind of change sweeps through, bringing lots of new and exciting things.

We have sold my house in the beautiful Catskill mountains, which I kept as a summer home during my Wall Street days, and which served as my secluded writer’s retreat for the past few years.



IMG_0350 IMG_0351

Instead, we are moving to our new home in a more urban environment. It’s still a quiet residential area, but in the middle of all the action. YAY!

As much as I enjoy peace and quiet, the lack of infrastructure and amenities (from my cosmopolitan perspective) has gotten to me. The new place has all the shopping in the world, cyber cafes, bookstores, Chinese and Russian stores, various restaurants, fast roads connecting to major centers, and several colleges – in a word, my preferred environment to be in.

So, the big move marks a big shift in my life. I’ll continue to write, keep #LadaRayBlog, as well as futuristrendcast.wordpress.com. You’ll still find me on Twitter and Goodreads. But going forward, I’ll also be going back to extensive teaching and public speaking. I will again teach my proprietary empowerment Feng Shui courses, albeit on a new, higher level, and do more Feng Shui consultations, including distance consults and personal readings via skype or phone.

Purple lotus

I have also been working on my new visionary system the working title of which is GLOBAL PARADIGM SHIFT and NEW HUMAN. This teaching will become a course and eventually, a non-fiction book. Some of the concepts and ideas resonate with my spiritual fantasy/thriller, THE EARTH SHIFTER.


Lada Ray Blog will eventually be merged with my author website LadaRay.com. The website will be substantially expanded to include Feng Shui, as well as my new work on spirituality/metaphysics and futurism. There will also be an e-store.

In addition, I will be substantially expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel, where I will do regular podcasts on spirituality, mysticism, future predictions, global trends analysis, Feng Shui and more.

All this is very exciting, and I can’t wait to move. We should be in our new home by the end of September!

In the future, I expect to travel far and wide with my workshops. Stay tuned for more posts and new, exciting developments!