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This is an awesome interview by Lilou Mace of The Juicy Living Tour. For those who don’t know, Lilou is a wonderful interviewer and a beautiful soul. She has interviewed the likes of Wayne Dyer, Dolores Cannon, Drunvalo and many others. Visit her website: http://juicylivingtour.com/.

This interview is full of light, love and positive energy. Mirabai Devi has practical advice on praying, raising frequency and “roasting out” karma NOW! Why wait? After all, it’s all well within our power! We live at the moment of great quickening on Planet Earth. It is the time when veils between dimensions are thinning, and disappearing all together.

I especially love these gems:

1. The prayers are living words; they are matrixes. You have to plug the healing formula into this matrix in order to clear the dis-ease, the disconnection from the Source. 

2. Karma is the debris that is burdening a person through their lineage and/or their family. This garbage has to be cleaned up in order to align with the light.

3. Mechanical repetition doesn’t work. You have to become the prayer in order for it to manifest.

4. The Divine is the totality. It is all there is.

5. Love your shadow aspects. Then bring your shadows to the light, expose them and realize that they are not a big deal.

6. The old paradigm: It’s selfish to give to yourself. The new paradigm: Give yourself everything, be so abundant that you are overflowing. And then, give away this overflow of goodness to others.

There is more good stuff. Take a listen!

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