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A must listen/read, even if you are not “into politics & economics!” This concerns ALL!

Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. Trying to Push Back a Dollar Blowup

He’s one of the best analysts I know and a very wise man, whose heart is in the right place.

Brilliant analysis of the present state of the US and global economy; US #geopolitical games with #Russia & #China; the real secret reason for the newly signed Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement with the #EU; where the #dollar is headed; #gold and #naturalresources; systemic corruption in the US and EU; the #fracking lie, and more… By the amazing Dr. Paul Craig RobertsReagan Administration‘s Assistant Treasury Secretary in charge of economic policy, known as the Father of #Reaganomics (I believe he’s repented since ;)). He also is a former editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Plus, you thought this could never happen in the #USA? Below, read Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ revealing and damning article that has made a lot of noise.

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