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We are continuing our multimedia Russian adventure through stories, pics and vids. Today, we’ll be watching several very cool vids from our friends at the Real Russia Video Blog. What I especially like is that these are authentic Russian life vids. And another interesting thing is that both Sergeys live in Ufa, located in the Ural Mountains next to Siberia, and this is their virgin visit to the capital of Russia (to be sure, they came back for later vids). All this brings a certain sense of discovery to the Moscow experiences through their fresh eyes. Enjoy!

A Stroll Around Gorky Park – May 9, 2013, Victory Day (Den Pobedi)! One of my fave episodes: How people in Russia relax and enjoy themselves. So nice and sunny over there – it was snowing on May 9 here, in the Catskills, NY. Where did I go wrong? 😉


Zero Kilometer & Red Square. Red Square hardly needs an introduction. Experience first hand the unique energy of this place through the eyes of Russians visiting it for the very first time. Zero Kilometer is a point from which all roads in Russia begin. It is a symbolic marker located next to the Red Square, at the very beginning of Moscow’s, and all of Russia’s, principal street, Tverskaya Ulitsa. The historic Tverskaya runs from Red Square through the entire Moscow, turning into the highway to Saint Petersburg on the city’s outskirts. This famous street plays an important role in my books, THE EARTH SHIFTER and GOLD TRAIN.


Secrets of St Basil’s Cathedral. St Basil’s, considered the most photographed building in the world, is full of surprises. Take a peek inside and check out its magnificent frescoes, secret passages and other treasures!


Moskva River: Enchanting Boat Ride Around Moscow. Lovely spring weather, lots of beautiful, open spaces for people to enjoy, and Moscow’s landmarks. Don’t miss this wonderful free ride!


Inside the Posh GUM, Red Square, Moscow (Russia’s main department store, pronounced ‘goom’) GUM is a historic and exceptionally beautiful building – a must visit!


Don’t Miss! The Amazing Museum of Cosmonautics & Space Explorers. April 12, 2013 – International Day of Cosmonautics


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Gold Train Magical setting: Moscow, Russia

Beautiful Russia 3: Moscow’s Many Faces

Beautiful Russia: The Golden Ring 1

Beautiful Russia: The Golden Ring 2

The Earth Shifter Mystical Setting: Sacred Lake Baikal, Siberia

Gold Train Blog Tour Centerpiece: Lada’s May Day Interview

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