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I thought this new review of GREEN DESERT was absolutely amazing and one of the best I’ve ever received. Says the author of the review, Sherry Fundin: “I love Lada Ray’s writing and her books really do seem to speak to me. I almost feel as if I am there and the characters are talking around me.”

Small book – big message! Green Desert is a novelette set in Baghdad, Iraq, circa 2007, when scandals surrounding the Abu Ghraib prison and the abuse of smart bombs shook the world. It’s only 12,000 words, or about 40 pages long, but in-between non-stop action and twists, the book packs a powerful and profound message. It’s about the devastation and injustice of war and it’s also about how interconnected we are in this small world. But most importantly, it is about the hope of peace.

In reading Green Desert you’ll notice that the main character’s name is Mohammed al-Tikriti. Such name is highly symbolic for those who are familiar with the whole Sunni vs. Shia religious division and hatred. The thing is, Mohammed is a name used primarily by the Shia Muslims, while al-Tikriti happens to be a typical Sunni last name, meaning “from Tikrit,” a quintessential Sunni stronghold. What’s also symbolic, Tikrit is the birth place of Saddam Hussein. Ironically, its name is derived from the name of the legendary river Tigris, the seat of the ancient Mesopotamia considered the cradle of Western civilization. I deliberately gave the main character such “loaded” name. Here’s my message: if this internal mutual disagreement and hatred are replaced with unity from within, Iraq would see a different future, and the desert would blossom into a garden…again. The same equally applies to us here, in the USA, or any other Western country for that matter. War is never the answer. It is by looking within that we find the answers we seek.

Seeing this kind of a review makes me jump for joy because the reader has understood my intent so completely. Thank you, Sherry!

From Sherry Fundin’s review of Green Desert:

One day, the Iraqi desert will be a garden…again.

Mohammed al-Tikriti, suicide bomber, former University of Baghdad student

Green Desert (Accidental Spy Prequel)

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“I want you to give this after the explosion to that pretty lady dressed as a man,” he told the boy as he handed him an envelope. 

That is how international journalist Jade Snow was led on a life altering journey.

Jade is in Iraq to shoot a documentary about the insurgents. All that changes when she witnesses a suicide bombing in Baghdad.

As Jade and her cameraman, Alejandro, took cover from the blast, she felt a tug on her sleeve. The boy handed her the envelope and she read – “Why I became a terrorist.” The letter was so tragic, she could not ignore it.

With letter in hand, she is determined to get the real story. The Army threw the word “regrettable” around like it was confetti and it pissed her off. It drove her to seek answers.

Jade was able to talk to Sergeant Lucas, a friend of Sergeant O’Shea’s. O’Shea had been driving the truck when Mohammed rammed into it.
daisies photo: Daisies daisies.jpgSergeant Lucas took her to O’Shea’s room and she saw the desk, paper, pen and envelope, waiting for the letter that would never be written.

He also wanted to show Jade the garden.  As she wondered at the Daisies growing in such a hostile place, he reached into his pocket……

The Media can be scum sucking leeches, would Jade prove the exception to the rule?

5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

Amongst all the ugliness, how ironic that these men could see the beauty the desert beheld.

Lada Ray’s style of blending history and fiction makes me feel as if I am living the story. The emotions washed over me, leaving me with a sense of futility and profound loss.

The cover alone made me feel…..Well, I had preconceived ideas about the book. I devoured it. I thought I knew the story before hand, and felt such sorrow when it all came true. BUT Lada Ray added a little twist that I didn’t see coming.

Shows life comes full circle and it is a small world. Think about it . Has something ever happened to You, that caused you to feel that way? I feel this book shows that we have more in common than we think.

Supposedly, we got involved in Iraq because of Saddam, who killed and tortured his own people.  Now that he was gone, why were we still there? Smart bombs and accidents. Weapons of mass destruction. But, why were we really there? Did the President have an ulterior motive? Were we deliberately deceived? All the questions have been asked. Were they ever answered? Makes me think of things I really don’t want to think about. It makes my head spin with feelings of anger and betrayal, not only for myself, but for the soldiers who put their lives on the line for us. Will we ever know the truth?

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This book contains a powerful message of peace!

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