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In my recent interview with Jason Sullivan on Different Outcomes Blog as part of THE EARTH SHIFTER Virtual Tour, we’ve discussed how we are SHIFTING to the new spirituality and the new community on planet Earth, the one that is joyful and open, the one Osho called “being Zorba the Buddha.”

I know, our world is far from perfect, and every day there is violence and threats to peace, every day global ambitions or secret agendas of a few threaten lives and well-being of all. We’ve talked about these grave subjects in my previous posts and interviews. But we have also discussed the importance of staying positive and looking into the future with hope.

Today’s post is dedicated to the PURE LOVE and JOY, and to the effortless sense of community that is the trademark of the newly budding earthly society the birth of which we are presently witnessing with our own eyes. All over the world, individuals, businesses and organizations experience the “Eureka!” moment as people come together to celebrate.

I’ve put together a compilation of videos that demonstrate this point fully. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than these clips are worth millions of views, as seen on Youtube! These truly are Zorba the Buddha moments; these are rare glimpses into the future so many of us have dreamed about! Why wait? Be a part of the New Earth and immerse yourself in LOVE and JOY today!

ODE TO JOY Flashmob in Sabadell, near Barcelona, Spain. Many thanks to Lesley Fletcher of InspirationImport blog for pointing out this video! 

Everyone sang & danced! My fave waltz: Dmitri Shostakovich’ SECOND WALTZ performed by Andre Rieu in Germany

Joy comes in all sizes and colors: DANCING ZORBAS flash mob in Canada

Free Hugs Campaign! HUGGING THE WORLD, one person at a time

Regalo Abbracci – Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy (my fave!)

Free Hugs in Tokyo, Japan (breaking cultural barriers)

Abrazos Gratis – Free Hugs in Lima, Peru (what a warm country!)

Hugs, love and joy to ALL!


Must read! Check out my 4/23/13 interview with Jason Sullivan:

The Earth Shifter, New Earth & Alternative Economy