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THE EARTH SHIFTER Virtual Tour continues!

Today, I want to share something special: the audio/video versions of several mini-excerpts, as well as the new book synopsis, characters and spectacular settings. We are trying this new thing and I hope you like it. I have created the videos, while the narrative is read either by me or one of my avid readers and fans. A reviewer once told me that for books set in Russia, my Russian accent was just what the doctor ordered, so I decided, why not try my hand – excuse me, voice – in the audio/video genre? I find it enjoyable creating videos and narrating my work, however, I must tell you that it’s much harder than it seems! I now fully understand all those actors and singers who have to do countless takes to get it just right. Well, with juggling a million and one projects every day and writing new books, I have to be more time conscious than that.

The scenes and mini-excerpts below are engaging and intriguing at best, and images are lovely…even if the delivery has not reached the professional polish my perfectionist heart desires – yet! These are the first three vids, with more to come! Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comment section!

..The Earth Shifter: Synopsis, Characters and Exotic Setting

narrated by a fan


The Earth Shifter: Shaman Tengis & Mystical Realm of Lake Baikal, Siberia

narrated by the authorΒ 


The Earth Shifter mini-excerpts: Who are the Shifters, Remote Viewers, Protectors & Earth Keepers?

narrated by the author