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THE EARTH SHIFTER Virtual Tour continues! It is my pleasure to reblog author Mark O’Neill’s post featuring his 5 Star review of THE EARTH SHIFTER, as well as his thoughts and ideas on our #YARevolution. Mark is an original thinker and a kindred spirit, and this post (as well as his entire blog) is well worth checking out!      Incidentally, Mark will soon be releasing Book 2 of his The Ancients and the Angels YA fantasy series, ARCHONS. Check it out! In the past several months, Mark has been a guest on multiple radio shows. Check out these interesting interviews on his blog! Lastly, Mark has been a great contributor and supporter of our new YA Revolution – for literature with message and meaning! By the way, YA Revolution is taking off! Join us!     Stay tuned, as more interesting and different features, interviews and posts are coming your way, including Real Russia Video Journey 2: Spectacular Moscow + a very special author interview with author/blogger Jason Sullivan. Jason is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever met. He makes his subject feel comfortable and asks deep, poignant and revealing questions that no one else dares to ask! His last year’s incredible interview became the “Centerpiece” of my Gold Train Blog Tour. This one will be just as special, I promise!     Last, but certainly not least, all my ebooks are on huge sale on Amazon: $.99 (or equivalent)! The Earth Shifter, Gold Train and Stepford USA paperbacks are now available and are also on big sale! Check them out! Buy links.

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Thanks to the genius of author Lada Ray, I have been recruited into an army, and an amazing one at that. With this transmission, I present to you the YA Revolution!

Here is the YA Rev HQ!


Lada Ray has been a gigantic inspiration for me, even though I’ve only known of her for a few months. To let you know, she is the author of The Earth Shifter saga and its accompanying mini-saga, The Earth KeepersYou can read my Author spotlight of her work here.

It bears repeating. The following is my FIVE STAR Amazon review of The Earth Shifter and I really suggest that all of you Manaballers read it. I’ve stated that it’s the best book I’ve read in two years, and I stand behind that.



This is the main saga written in tandem with Ms. Ray’s series “The Earth Keeper.” Read…

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