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ANNOUNCEMENT! I always wanted to showcase talented authors that I personally admire as people and artists, along with their new books. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the new Author Feature Series on Lada Ray Blog.

I’ll give the podium and showcase new releases in these exciting areas:

1. Fiction: spiritual/visionary/metaphysical, international/world cultures, mystery/thrillers, action/adventure, romantic adventure/suspense, women’s lit, fantasy/sci-fi, YA – (books in all above categories must be engaging, well-written and have a strong, positive and/or important message; if they boast a spiritual/metaphysical element, even better).

2. Non-fiction: history, travel & world cultures, alternative history, geopolitics/economics, spiritual/visionary/metaphysical, predictions/forecasting, conspiracies, Earth changes. All books and authors must provide a strong, positive, forward-looking and/or important message through their writing and attitude. Being original helps!

Note: It is understood that we grow through adversity, and that inner and outer conflict and suffering is part of any good literature. However, I will NOT showcase any books that PROMOTE of GLORIFY violence of any sort, negative or senseless attitudes and actions, and characters/entities that have no redeeming value. 

The Author Feature typically includes: book cover, synopsis/blurb, book stats, brief excerpt, author bio/pic, buy links, author SM links, and book trailer, if available. I’ll say a few nice words – the better I know you, the more I can say; also, the author can briefly present his/her work in own words. If I have reviewed your book, I’ll also include my review.

My first artist to showcase is the dynamic duo of Irish authors/musicians, Rohan and Alex Healy, together with their exciting new sci-fi release, GYAROS: The Mice Eat Iron! Check out Author Feature 1: GYAROS by Rohan and Alex Healy.

Also coming: the exciting YA REVOLUTION! E-publishing revolution has just started, and already digital shelves are full of senseless imitations rehashed over and over again. Much of what our teens are downloading on their e-readers may not be what they should be reading in order to develop into good human beings and responsible citizens of our planet!

Typically, author organizations, promotional sites and retailers do not distinguish books by integrity, quality of message and positive energy. Consequently, it’s up to us – readers, writers, bloggers and reviewers – to convey this information to each other. We intend to give voice and help promote authors who deserve to be heard, whether they write YA or adult literature. The more good books are promoted by us all, the easier both teens and adults will be able to chose better books to read!

This is so exciting! Below is one of the badges I’ve developed. There are several more for all tastes, which I’ll post soon, along with the rules of participation in the YA Revolution.

YA Revolution badge – theme: FUNKY


Whether you are a young adult or simply young at heart,


We are for literature with message and meaning!

More at the official YA REVOLUTION Page!