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On March 18, 2013, I have been a guest on The Vinny Eastwood Show! After having been on a loooong writing spree and basically in seclusion, which was necessary to produce THE EARTH SHIFTER, it felt great to show my face to the world. My hair usually grows fast (must be all that spiritual growth ;)), and so, while I was busy writing, it has grown substantially, reaching almost to my waist. It’s especially noticeable on the vid, but don’t you get used to this look, as I intend to cut it! Well…until I again immerse myself into the world of Sasha and the Key while writing THE EARTH SHIFTER 2. At that point, I’ll let it grow again.

It was also great to hear my own voice – I was already beginning to forget what it sounded like! Consider this a warm up. This is my first radio interview in my capacity as an author, but it certainly won’t be last!

And now, back to the show! Vinny and I have touched upon some very controversial and interesting topics, such as the collapse of Empires, including the Soviet Union and USA, my analysis and predictions of how the USA collapse is different from that of the USSR, and how both are similar. We’ve also discussed my spiritual awakening and my personal experiences working for major US financial institutions, including how said financial wirehouses stack the odds in favor of their large investment banking clients at the expense of small private clients. We’ve talked about the Bitcoin phenomenon, Vinny’s problems with Paypal, and my recommendations for resolving them.

Finally, we chatted about the publishing industry trends and my books: THE EARTH SHIFTER and GOLD TRAIN.

Have a listen!

A special shout out to Mark O’Neill at royalmanaball.wordpress.com who turned me on to the radio/video interview process! I am starting to dig these cool and casual audio/video chats, and having discovered that I have lots more to say on various topics of interest to many, I’ll continue lining them up.

Anyone interested in interviewing me, just give me a shout! I am presently looking for the new interviews during THE EARTH SHIFTER launch, April 10-30! I’ll also post more interesting segments soon on the Lada Ray Youtube Channel. Stay tuned, everyone!

Incidentally, a few people have asked me how to correctly pronounce my first name and what it rhymes with. Answer: Lada is like the note “la” in the musical scale, but instead of “la-la” you sing “La-da.” Have fun! 😉

P.S. I just found out that after our show, which exposed Paypal practices, Vinny Eastwood has resolved his Paypal problem. That’s just awesome!