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I’ll be a guest on the Vinny Eastwood Show today

March 18th, at 6pm EST!

We’ll discuss the world events, geopolitics, NWO, my new predictions for this decade and beyond, and of course, my new metaphysical fantasy thriller, THE EARTH SHIFTER!

Tune in to listen on the American Freedom Radio or watch it at  vinnyeastwoodshow.com and guerillamedia.co.nz. I will also post the show on LadaRay Youtube channel and here, on my blog, a few days after.

Please tune in to listen, ask questions and comment! Hope you enjoy it, and please stop by to let me know what you think!

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Many thanks to Mark O’Neill, the author of The Ancients and the Angels! Check out Mark’s cool blog: http://royalmanaball.wordpress.com/