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Happy March 15th, Ladies and Gents!


Why Happy March 15th? Aw well… because it’s my birthday, and also because it’s a belated 1 year anniversary of my blog.

Colorful tulips

MORE ABOUT PISCES & MY BIRTHDAY: Being a March baby is fun, as the spring starts awakening at this time of year. The week of March 15th is called the week of “dancers and dreamers.” Many world famous dancers were born during this time… and did I mention, I love to dance! Don’t even get me started on dreaming things up and making them come true! Those who’ve read my books know all about that!

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Russian ballet dancer, Rudolf Nouriev. Born March 17th (sharing a birthday with my husband, who’s also a Pisces).

It’s so cool to share my birthday sign with so many innovators, visionaries, dreamers and EARTH SHIFTERS, including Albert Einstein (born March 14, just a few hours before me), Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Nouriev, Sergei Rachmaninov (March 20), Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Alexander Bell, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Washington, Frederick Chopin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michelangelo, Auguste Renoir, Ansel Adams, Tony Robbins, Liza Minnelli,  Elizabeth Taylor, Bernardo Bertolucci, Glenn Close, Drew Barrimore, Bruce Willis, Cindy Crawford, Elton John, Russian singer Vitas, and many others… It’s a loooooong list for sure.

And another famous and inspired Pisces! In addition to inspiration, spirituality, dance, art, photography, dreaming, Pisces also rules film. Not surprisingly, the Oscars, Motion Picture Academy Awards Ceremony, traditionally takes place during the Piscean rule, in late February or March. The Oscars 2013 took place on February 24, when this prestigious award has celebrated its 85th birthday.

More about Pisces: http://www.thepiscessign.com


They say, a Pisces can dream anything into reality, like magic… 

As you all know, in the past few months, I’ve been consumed with finishing and publishing my new fantasy/thriller, THE EARTH SHIFTER. It’s been a busy time, but also, extremely rewarding! I’ve dreamed it up and it’s currently available as ebook at Amazon, B&N, Smash. I will be releasing paperback in the end of March (pre-launch release).

Official book launch: APRIL 10, 2013!

ES COVER ebook

Meanwhile, I also received a number of awards. I want to acknowledge the lovely bloggers who gave them to me and announce that due to my busy blogging and writing schedule, this is the last post about blog awards. This concerns only awards, so no worries. Lada Ray Blog is not going anywhere, and as a matter of fact, I’m planning a rainbow of wonderful new posts this year.

So, don’t you go away

as so much more is coming your way!

Bowing out gracefully: I want to thank all those who have supported and acknowledged this blog in the past year plus by giving it awards. I love you all, guys! I think awards are a wonderful way to support worthy bloggers and to spread the word about them. Below are the bloggers who have given me the awards recently. There were a couple more, so please forgive me if I have missed anyone (it seems I may have misplaced the links.) But know that I appreciate you all! Due to the severe time constraints, and – well – because it’s my birthday ;), I’m skipping the steps of passing on the awards and answering the questions (please allow me this indulgence). I’ve already said enough about me, and if you’re interested, please check out my prior awards and my bio page. Instead, I’ll concentrate on acknowledging those bloggers who have thought of me!


LIEBSTER AWARD, which I received from 3 wonderful bloggers. Here they are chronologically!

Jim L. Wright  olbigjim.wordpress.com. A wonderful man, blogger, writer, and book reviewer, Jim is and American expat living his dream life in Jordan. How exciting! Please check out his awesome blog!  

Jason Collins  JJCollinsAuthor.com One of my favorite people and certainly my absolute favorite Irishman living in London! Jason is the author of several non-fiction books, his specialty being history and politics. Check out his terrific site & blog, where he shares book reviews and news about publishing industry. It’s a treasure trove!

Stefan Maxima  hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com Spreading the love! Check out Stefan’s lovely and positive blog!

SUPER SWEET AWARD from the super-sweet Sofia Siberia – sofiasiberia.com. Yum! Sofia is a blogger, empath and healer, who is originally from Russia and Ukraine, and who presently resides in Lebanon. She is a very loving and giving soul and she has a beautiful blog where she shares her wisdom and her spiritual discoveries with the world. Please check it out! 

I’ve also received A BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD from Sofia Siberia. This award I already have, but I am truly honored that Sofia has thought of me! 

The link to my original Beautiful Blogger Award

very inspiring blogger award

VERY INSPIRING BLOG AWARD – again, many thanks to the wonderful man and author, Jim L. Wright @ oldbigjim.wordpress.com for giving me this award! I’m truly honored!


And last, but by no means least, SHINE ON AWARD, which I just received from a truly inspiring blogger and author, Rohan Healy at Rohan7things.wordpress.com.  Rohan blogs about many things, but they all have a strong philosophical and spiritual connection. He is a thinker & a beautifully light soul, and I’m privileged to know him! Please check out his popular blog for many inspiring, entertaining and off-beat posts. Incidentally, I was recently interviewed by Rohan. Check out the interview as well.  

P.S. I’ve just added this award, which I received from the lovely Ruby @ yourinnerfeathersbyruby.wordpress.com, who is a “spiritual life stylist.” I like Ruby’s blog so much, that I had to add this award if only to link up and promote her blog. Thank you, Ruby, and may you have a terrifically inspiring and spiritually rewarding year!

Also, I want to take this opportunity to wish a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY to:

Jason CollinsRohan HealyMadeline Walsh (whose recent interview has become an inspiration!)M.C. O’Neill (check out his awesome Lada Ray Spotlight and review!), Jason Sullivan (whose amazing May Day Interview became the centerpiece of my GOLD TRAIN Blog Tour 2012!), as well as my many Irish blogger & author friends!

Here’s to luck and prosperity! Have a wonderful holiday!

St Patricks day

Incidentally, my husband was born on March 17. How’s that for a coincidence! Our birthdays are 2 days apart and we usually end up celebrating them as one.

Birthday cake anyone?