Darlene Foster, author of two rocking children’s adventure books: Amanda in Arabia & Amanda in Spain, is sharing some important secrets of publishing success.
What an awesome post, Darlene! Thank you so much for sharing. There is so much great info and important reminders here that I have to reblog it! 🙂

Darlene Foster's Blog

I took Friday off of work to attend an all day eWomen Network workshop called How to be a Best Selling Author & Treat your Book as a Business. It was well worth the time spent. The workshop was facilitated by two amazing speakers, Teresa de Grosbois and Charmaine Hammond, both published authors and international speakers.  The energy in the room was vibrant with many opportunities to meet new people and network.  A group I belong to, CWILL BC (Children’s’ Writers and Illustrators of BC) had a display table and I was able to showcase my books and hand out book marks.

My head was spinning with all the valuable information I collected. Here are  a few things I learned that I would like to share:

  1. You can’t make yourself famous.
  2. You need to connect with influential people and have them talk about your book.
  3. You need to get in…

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