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ES COVER ebook 2

First, The Earth Shifting news. The ebook is now available at the following retailers:

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Coming very soon to Kobo, Diesel, Apple, Sony and others. Paperback is coming in the Spring 2013. Please stay tuned!

Following the golden rule of writing, I write about the things I know. Today, I want to talk about THE EARTH SHIFTER’s favorite themes and characters:


In The Earth Shifter, I set out to create a whimsical, yet highly structured, and totally new and original fantasy world, which simultaneously draws on real history and geography, metaphysics and spirituality, geopolitics and secret government spy wars, as well as on psychology and character development.

Aurora 3

One of my favorites is “the Shifters” theme. In the words of the mythical EARTH KEEPERS CHRONICLES: “There are four types of Shifters. Mind Shifters can access any thoughts, even the hidden ones; Matter Shifters can turn into anything, as well as transform objects into something else; Time Shifters can bend and jump time; and Space Shifters can compress space, appearing at different places at once. The power of the true Shifters is such that they can manipulate events on Earth. To prevent that from happening, the true Shifters are carefully watched from birth and they are never told about the real extent of their powers until they are deemed ready.”

Sasha Elfimova, my favorite magical teenager, possesses a generous dollop of shifting powers, which allow her to travel in time and project into other people’s minds. Sasha is a Mind and Time Shifter, and there are no secrets her mind can’t unlock in this world. But even she can’t access those thoughts that have been shielded from her by the powerful old shaman Tengis.

Aurora 4

Sasha’s time shifting power is something else altogether. She discovers it at the age of 13, when in her sleep she inadvertently travels to 17th century Russia to meet young Peter the Great and manages to help him in his predicament. I will let you in on my big secret: Sasha’s time shifting capacity may come quite handy when the ultimate struggle for the Earth’s future and Humanity’s survival begins in earnest in books 2 and 3!


Dear readers, you know that I am a big history buff. Continuing with the GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) theme, there is a lot of Russian, and world, history in THE EARTH SHIFTER, which blends organically with the present, also providing foundation for the karmic future of mankind. You could say that a lifetime of research and study went into creating the historic, geopolitical and metaphysical themes of the book.

Tunguska Meteorite

The Tunguska Meteorite Explosion and its aftermath

Some of my favorite historical themes are: The Tunguska Meteorite explosion in the 1908 Siberian taiga, which provides the fantasy/sci-fi basis of the book. Also, the Cold War, the collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as the end of the Russian Empire in 1916, complete with the colorful and enigmatic character of Grigory Rasputin.


Again, continuing with the GOLD TRAIN theme, geopolitics is an integral part of the story. We are introduced to the clandestine efforts of the CIA and Russian Intelligence, and to the secret war conducted by remote viewers, “the psychic warriors,” as they were known. We meet the likable retiree and doting grandfather, Semyon Isayev, who is also Sasha’s godfather. But soon we learn that he is so much more! Dubbed the “best remote viewer in the world,” throughout his high-powered career the “modest” Major General Semyon Isayev had managed to thwart some truly earth-shattering attacks by his country’s former enemy.


Remote Viewing

Semyon’s sole desire is to be a good husband, father and grandfather, and he only wants to spend the rest of his days in peace. But his Cold War past and his formidable remote-viewing talent will not leave him alone, as once again he is thrust into the very thick of the secret psychic war, the prize of which is the ultimate dominion over the Earth.

We are introduced to the secret US government science facility in Hoboken, NJ. Brewing here are the breakthrough science experiments and new technology, as well as the ultimate Market Crash Team, which manipulates the movements of the stock market.

We also meet the CIA Assistant Director, Aloysius Drakley. Along the way, the mystery is revealed: who is really pulling the strings in the USA and globally?

Oh, yes! How could I forget one of the most important characters, the Russian oligarch, Boris Konukovsky! I’ll let you in on another secret here. While my book carries a disclaimer that all characters are fictitious or used in a fictional way and any resemblance is purely coincidental, I think anyone familiar with recent Russian history will recognize this one. Guilty as charged! Boris Konukovsky is the composite of two infamous Russian oligarchs: Vladimir Khodorkovsky (presently in jail) and Boris Berezovsky (presently a fugitive in London). The oligarch’s story in the book is inspired by real events, which will be recognizable to those who’ve been following the Russian developments of the past 2 decades. But only THE EARTH SHIFTER reveals what the oligarch and his cronies are truly after…

Spiritual/Metaphysical Theme

Last but not least, one of my absolute favorites, the spiritual and metaphysical theme of the book is very strong and includes striking events and settings, including the mystical shores of the Sacred Lake Baikal in Siberia and the legends of the Earth Keepers. We witness the Comet of Karma’s journey through Outer Space and travel to the fascinating and mysterious Underworld, one of the entrances into which is conveniently located in Manhattan, NY.

Aurora 1

One of my favorites is the Realm of the Keepers, which holds many secrets and which is located between Heaven and Earth. This ethereal realm is where the Keepers of the Earth gather to monitor mankind’s progress and where the ultimate fate of the world is to be decided.


Again, many metaphysical themes are steeped in history via the stories of the Buddha, Jesus, the Shifters, and the Key of Destiny. These themes will continue and intensify in THE EARTH SHIFTER books 2 and 3, as well as in the companion series entitled the EARTH KEEPERS CHRONICLES. Book 1 of the chronicles, Catharsis, Legend of the Lemurians is now available on Amazon. I am currently working on books 2 and 3 – Lemurian Crystal and Atlantis, which are coming in the Spring 2013.


Favorite Characters

As Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said, I love all my characters, villains and heroes alike. I am with Dostoyevsky on that, but there are some characters that are especially dear to my heart. Who are they?



Of course, the protagonist, Sasha Elfimova, as well as the twins, Win and Kei Lee. All three are so different, yet they are united by one invisible string we usually refer to as DESTINY.


Win Lee


Kei Lee

Also, the Siberian Shaman Tengis, who is the example of a true spiritual and world leader our planet so desperately needs.

Shaman on lake baikal

Shaman on Sacred Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

I adore the offbeat, sultry and mysterious Red and her even more mysterious mother. As many characters in the book, these two are not at all what they seem. What are they really?

Anne Hathaway  Red

Anne Hathaway would be perfect as Red!

"Les Miserables" New York Premiere -   Arrivals at the Ziegfeld Theatre

I also love the very human character of the remote viewer, Semyon Isayev. My favorite historic character is Grigory Rasputin.


One of history’s enigmas: the mysterious monk, Grigory Rasputin

Finally, I have to confess that I am simply in love with one character, and perhaps, many women would agree with me. 😉 It is Sasha’s father, Professor Maxim Elfimov. I made him a comparative linguist, giving him my original profession, which allows him to see the whole world in its spacial and historical scale. Maxim is a handsome, absent-minded academic, a loving husband and devoted, if overprotective, father. However when the overwhelming personal tragedy strikes, he doesn’t hide or sulk, but rises to the occasion, becoming a true Protector and hero.

Handsome middle aged man leaning against wall in the sun

Professor Maxim Elfimov

I have to say that on some level I envy Sasha with that honest-to-goodness white envy. As a child, she had the best father a girl could wish for. And this is my dream: if every child on Earth had a father like Maxim, our world would be a much better place to live in!

I hope you consider reading THE EARTH SHIFTER. It may shift your world! 🙂


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