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5/31 quick update: STEPFORD USA and GREEN DESERT free promos are over. Over 3000 free copies of my books have been downloaded during the past few days and both books appeared on Kindle international bestseller lists. A million thanks to All for your interest and support! I wish all my readers a very happy reading and hope you enjoy my books! 🙂 Do remember to support your favorite authors by liking their books and contributing Amazon & Goodreads reviews!

This was the first time I’ve done the free promotion and I intend to share the results, my impressions (which are mixed at best), and thoughts on Kindle KDP Select program and the direction it’s taking, in a future post. For all the details/blurbs/book trailers/rankings see: STEPFORD USA postGREEN DESERT post. I initially intended to include GOLD TRAIN in this free promo, but based on my impressions, I reconsidered it, at least for now. For more about that read my future post. For more about all my books see official author website: http://www.LadaRay.com

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Exciting news!

Memorial Day Promotion:

GREEN DESERT is FREE on Amazon Kindle 5/24-5/28. Download today!

Here are the links:

Amazon US FREE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005O0QJKQ

Amazon UK FREE: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005O0QJKQ

Also FREE at Amazon: DE   FR   ES   IT 

Set in Iraq, this riveting short novella takes place prior to the start of the Jade Snow International Adventure Series.


“Riveting story with powerful message!” Meredith Carvin


“This story will rock your world.”  Bill Tillman

International journalist Jade Snow travels to Iraq to shoot a documentary about the Iraqi insurgency. In Baghdad she, as usual, finds herself in the wrong place at just the right time. After witnessing a dramatic suicide bombing, and as two unlikely letters from the opposite sides of the conflict drop in her lap, Jade must trace the shocking connection between the suicide bomber, a young Iraqi girl and American sergeant killed in the attack.

A Jade Snow Prequel. Category: suspense, mystery/thriller

So far, GREEN DESERT has reached the following highest rankings on Kindle:

US: #1780 Free on Kindle; #26 in Mystery/thrillers/ women sleuths

UK: #760 Free on Kindle; #16 in Mystery/thrillers/ women sleuths

DE: #1283 on Kindle; #25 Krimis (Mystery); #31 Thriller

ES: #700 on Kindle; #9 Policiaca, negra y suspense (Mystery/thriller/suspense)

IT: #811 on Kindle; #11 Gialli e Thriller (Mystery & Thriller)

Also by Lada Ray:

GOLD TRAIN, rip roaring thrill-ride mystery thriller set in Russia and based on true historic events (Jade Snow #2, Russia Adventure)
STEPFORD USA, psychological mystery thriller (Jade Snow #1, US Adventure)
NOTE: While each book in the Jade Snow Series stands on its own, it is advisable to read them sequentially to fully appreciate the plot twists and character development.

For more about Lada Ray’s books visit LadaRay.com