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Excerpts from STEPFORD USA review: Stepford USA takes us on a journey with this charming, sharp minded young journalist in a race to reveal the truth before someone else is killed, will Jade succeed? Can she protect herself and the life of her unborn child? Who can she trust? Anyone? Will she manage to discover the facts before it costs someone their life or even her own?

On the face of it, Stepford is a thriving small town community the likes of which are splattered across the American continent however, the deceit and manipulation facing Jade threatens not just people, it threatens the very way of life of this beautiful town.

This page turning thriller is exciting, full of suspicion and possesses excellent character development throughout. It challenges the reader to consider the glaringly obvious and not so obvious, reality and challenge their own perceptions of reality and illusion in the pursuit of destroying the prejudices found in every small town. Will Jade and her soon to be born baby survive the small town experience?

The author has managed to develop a character with a fascinating thoughtful purpose. The brilliant combination of plot, character development and unexpected twists and turns, keeps the reader addicted to the next turned page. Once you start reading this book, you will not put it down such is the perfect pace and flow of words in which the book is written by the author.

Psychological thrillers don’t get much better than this.  Excitingly and yet chillingly gripping, it’s the sort of plot line that surprises you at every turn and absolutely does not let you go.

Excerpts from GOLD TRAIN review: Jade we learn, has a certain psychic talent and comes from a proud Russian lineage.

What evolves is a brilliantly crafted thriller with murder, mystery, espionage and captivating twists and turns throughout. The author takes us on a tantalising, rip roaring, dangerous, action packed, yet passionate journey across modern day Russia.

Jade’s investigative journalistic instincts take her unintentionally into a dark world, where security services and terrorist activities left unchecked, could potentially have global consequences. Against this burdensome and dangerous backdrop, Jade has to persevere in her pursuit of truth under extreme scrutiny, knowing one mistake could change not only her own life, but the destiny of one of the world’s most powerful nations.

Jade Snow is to journalism, what Jason Bourne is to action and espionage. The author has managed to develop a character with a fascinating thoughtful purpose. “Gold Train” is an absolute must read, the author goes beyond the obvious and whisks us along into the heart-stopping world of Jade Snow with breath-taking appeal for the next paragraph and page. The author’s knowledge and comprehension of the Russian political scene brings a very credible and believable level of authenticity to the plot.

A mesmeric thriller, “Gold Train” is marvellous book which has something for every reader. It leaves you wanting and calling for the next instalment in the adventures of International Journalist extraordinaire – Jade Snow.

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