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The JADE SNOW INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE SERIES idea was born several years ago, when I was flying through Dubai to Asia. In Dubai I met American journalists, returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, who told me stories of their adventures. As I was leaving Dubai, the picture of Jade Snow, a young, beautiful and spirited international journalist, who’d worked in Iraq and Afghanistan, appeared before my eyes. It occured to me that she would make a great heroine for an international mystery/thriller series.

A beautiful and witty red-head with unusual blue-green eyes, budding psychic powers and rare talent for being in the wrong place at the right time, Jade Snow is the protagonist of the Jade Snow International Adventure Series and of GOLD TRAIN, the gripping mystery/thriller, set in Russia and based on true historic events. When she gets married, this international journalist gives up her promising career to raise her little daughter, Lara.

But as the unexpected and exotic assignment drops in her lap, she jumps at the chance to restart her career and reconnect with her Russian roots. She gets much more than she’d ever bargained for!

When Jade travels to Russia, amid the magical settings of St. Petersburg and Moscow, she must uncover a dangerous conspiracy, find the world’s largest treasure and experience forbidden passion, defying time and space.

As she finds herself a pawn in a struggle between forces beyond her control, she also meets the man, who’ll change her life forever.

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