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Sample prologue and chapters 1-4 below!

“I enjoyed reading this uplifting book by Ms Ray, filled with intrigue and irresistible characters.” From Amazon review by a reader.

“Very well written and gripping tale that will leave you guessing to the very end! Excellent storytelling!” From Amazon review by a reader.

A small town mystery with psychological twists. Alternative title: Virtual Paradise.

Stepford USA will dazzle you with an array of funny, outlandish and utterly realistic characters. Who committed rape and murder: a corrupt police chief, a crooked politician, a millionaire-nerd, or a womanizing banker? Ladies from the Stepford Knitting Club know it all, except that the town has been hijacked by criminals, posing as pillars of local community. That’s where Jade Snow comes in. A new breed of amateur sleuths and investigative journalist, she’s thoroughly at home in the brave, new, globalized world, but unprepared for one challenge – the dull existence in this sheltered American town. And that’s exactly where she ends up after getting married and pregnant. Aided by a super-intelligent calico cat and a psychoanalyst from New York, Jade’s on a mission to solve baffling mysteries and to turn upside down this sleepy paradise… if she can survive the attraction to an enigmatic convicted rapist, and the encounter with a desperate killer. Enough romance, psychology, mystical happenings, amazing pets, virtual reality and humor to delight fans of six different genres, Stepford, USA is a read to enjoy and remember!

Includes an excerpt from the gripping new thriller GOLD TRAIN, set in Russia. On digital shelves Holiday Season 2011! Paperback – April 2012!

Accidental Spy Adventure #1

Category: novel, mystery/thriller, cozy mystery with a twist, women sleuths, psychic, paranormal, pet lovers, psychological mystery

Word count: 69,000

(Includes an excerpt from the upcoming thriller GOLD TRAIN set in Russia!)

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