Writing Bliss, Siberian Shaman and Legend of the Bear Drum


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“You must write for yourself, above all. That is your only hope of creating something beautiful.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

When several years back I first wrote the fantastic legend of the Bear Drum, it was meant as a short story depicting the young shaman Tengis’ adventure in the Siberian Taiga, near the shore of the Sacred Lake Baikal. It was a story I put on paper for myself because it just popped into my mind and because I thought it was, well…beautiful. Little did I know that this short story would eventually become the foundation for the epic novel, entitled The Earth Shifter.

Shaman on lake baikal

Siberian shaman beating shamanic drum by the Sacred Shaman Rock, on the shore of Lake Baikal, Siberia Continue reading

Move Update, KDP Select and Where to Purchase My Books


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Hello, everyone!

I have received some questions about where I’d disappeared lately and whether my books are still a part of #KDPSelect program.

As some of you may know, very recently I have moved my residence, and I am presently settling down. I love the new house; it’s nice, yet substantially smaller than my old one. I am rather happy about that since I don’t have to waste as much time taking care of the property. Instead, I can let my creative juices flow more freely, while concentrating fully on things that matter – namely my various spiritual, creative and life projects that have been blossoming wonderfully.

Read more about that here:

Big Move and Big Plans

For a small part of my exciting plans (more coming!), check out my new page:

Feng Shui

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I Will Not Let You Go

Lada Ray:

One of the most tender, selflessly loving and beautiful photos I’ve ever seen! The woman in the photo taken in Australia held her friend’s head above the tide for 3 hours, refusing to let go, after the horse got stuck in the mud and couldn’t get out. I was so happy and relieved to find out that there was a happy ending to this terrible ordeal! The horse got rescued, unharmed! YAY!



Lada Ray is a writer, Feng Shui master, world traveler, linguist, financial consultant, nature/animal lover and spirituality & metaphysics researcher. She is the author of 3 novels and 2 novelettes (more on the way), including THE EARTH SHIFTER – a critically acclaimed, top-rated spiritual thriller; international adventure/thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), which reached #58 on #Kindle bestseller list and #60 on #Amazon #book bestseller list; psychological thriller Stepford USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure); metaphysical fantasy Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians). Plus, sample Lada’s writing #FREE: Green Desert (Accidental Spy Iraq Prequel) – ebook free everywhere. Lada is a huge animal lover, and as such, most of her books feature adorable and amazing animals, animal protection issue being an integral part of her books.


Victor, the tiger freed from a poachers snare released into the wildPresently, Lada donates profits from her book sales to America’s oldest no-kill animal shelter, Tompkins County SPCA in Ithaca, NY; and to Siberian Tiger rescue project in Russia. Read more about that here!


Go to BOOKS BY LADA RAY for more on each book and for all buy links.


Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

She spent 3 hours holding its head above the tide after it got stuck in the mud on a beach in Australia.

This woman spent 3 hours holding the horse’s head above the tide after it got stuck in the mud on a beach in Australia. The horse was later rescued, unharmed.


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A Lioness Hugging the Kind Man Who Rescued Her

Lada Ray:

Unbelievable manifestation of #love and #kindness by a man and rescued lioness in #Africa! When I see this, I feel there is hope for humanity…

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

A lioness hugging the man who rescued her

This is enough to warm even the wildest of hearts.
Deep in the African bush a lioness gives giant hug to [one of] the two men who saved her.
As a cub, Sirga was driven out of her pride and rescued by Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth who could not stand by and watch her die.
Now the 110lb lioness has developed an incredible bond with the pair who are fighting to save her species in Botswana, southern Africa.

Source: Daily Mail

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Chinese Teenager Dies Saving Three Children

Lada Ray:

How does one become a #hero?
An inspiring, if heart-wrenching, story.

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

chinese man dies rescuing three children

Moments after posing for a fun photograph at a local beauty spot, brave teenager Cheng Changjiang was dead.
Despite being unable to swim, Cheng, 18, waded into the lake to save the lives of three young children who had got into trouble in the water.
But the brave act cost the teenager – branded a ‘hero’ by onlookers – his life.
Cheng was enjoying the public holiday at the rural spot in Xinyang, at Henan province in central China, when tragedy struck.

By the time he returned to the water to rescue the third child, a local man, Wan Sun, 31, had rushed to help.

Sun said: ‘He handed me the 11-year-old and I dragged her to the shore, but when I looked for the young man I could not see him. He must have slipped in deeper water.

‘When we pulled him from the water he was dead, there…

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Out of This World Live: #Sochi #Olympics Torch Visits #NorthPole and #OuterSpace


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Hello, everyone! I’ve successfully moved to my new home and am settling down. The Internet is back on and I’m back in cyberspace! Meanwhile, the #Sochi #Olympics Torch relay is continuing its record-shuttering journey through #Russia and #OuterSpace. As you see, we both are not sitting idle. ;)

Read my original post: #Sochi #Olympics and Olympic Torch’s Record Journey Through #Russia and #OuterSpace, complete with awesome images of Sochi… and lots of other cool stuff!

As promised, I’m continuing my Olympic torch relay coverage. This torch relay is unprecedented in history. Today, we’ll be watching several historic events: the Olympic flame‘s trip via an ice-breaker to the North Pole; after that, the Sochi Olympic torch’s record journey to the International Space Station #ISS, where it will make a historic walk in open Space with Russian cosmonauts. Spacewalk odyssey will be shown live on RT on Saturday and I’ll add it to this post. Continue reading

Excerpt Sunday: Not All’s Kosher at Stepford’s Berkshire Hope Clinic


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STEPFORD USA ebook NEWNot all conspiracies are global…Some are hidden in small towns with flawless facades  

Great news! Last week’s experiment with posting an excerpt from THE EARTH SHIFTER proved to be so successful that I decided to continue this new tradition (read ES excerpt here). So, going forward on Sundays, I’ll be posting excerpts from my various books.

This particular scene from STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure) is set at a mental clinic located in the seemingly idyllic town of Stepford in the midst of the picturesque Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts. The name of the town is fictional, but bears resemblance to the real local towns, namely Sheffield, Lenox, and especially Stockbridge, MA. While writing STEPFORD USA I lived in the area before moving back to New York. I wrote the setting in real time based on my observations and experiences, and perhaps because of that it appears so vivid, down to the smallest details.

Stepford Wives coverThe surreal scene at the Berkshire Hope Clinic reminds me a little of the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; and more (of course, this applies to the whole book) – of The Stepford Wives. But you be the judge!

In this scene the heroine, Jade Snow, and her friend, Rachel Weise, visit Rebbecca at the clinic where the mute victim of the long forgotten, and conveniently swept under the carpet, rape has been a long-term patient… um… prisoner. Until Jade shows up and starts questioning things that haven’t been questioned before in this town of conformity and behind the scenes deals.

In addition to whodunnit and howdunnit, STEPFORD USA contains social satire, psychic visions, adorable and pretty amazing kitty & doggie, as well as a generous helping of humor. Oh yeah, and how could I forget the Gossip Central of the Berkshires: the infamous STEPFORD KNITTING CLUB, who unwittingly help Jade solve the puzzle! Sorry – no robots, if you don’t count some Stepford residents ;).

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#Indie #Publishing Update: What’s Happening at #Kobo?


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I have received this informative email from Kobo (read below) and decided to re-post it here for the benefit of all Indie authors. It appears that Kobo Writing Life -the Indie publishing arm of the company – has received bad press in the United Kingdom for allegedly not screening the books they have on sale and therefore violating their own guidelines. As a result, Kobo initiated a massive Indie book removal and inspection. If you publish with Kobo in the UK and were affected by mistake, the email below is straight out of the horse’s mouth and explains Kobo’s position.

I understand the books targeted by this removal are basically hard-core erotica and such. I must say that regardless of the type of books Kobo is presently reviewing, I for one am very happy they are actually taking an interest in addressing some of their problems, which are many. I sincerely hope they become more responsive and more responsible about their Indie publishing service soon.

Although my rant below may seem slightly off topic, but it illustrates vividly Kobo’s desire to jump on the ebook and indie publishing bandwagon, while failing to take their responsibility seriously. The only reason I’m writing this is that I sincerely hope someone at Kobo sees it and finally takes action! Continue reading

THE EARTH SHIFTER Excerpt: Tantalizing Mystery of the Key and Spy Conspiracy


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ES COVER ebook 2Hello, everyone! I’m settling down at my new house and don’t have the Internet yet. Presently, sitting at the nearby Starbucks and catching up on things. As soon as I get my Internet connection back, I’ll again be my usual social self. Till then, please enjoy an excerpt from THE EARTH SHIFTER. Chapter 6 is one of the pivotal parts of the book, where the NWO conspiracy gets first hinted at and the spy intrigue starts gathering steam. This is also the chapter where the metaphysical mystery of the Key is tantalizingly dangled before an evil power seeker, who’ll stop at nothing to accomplish his clandestine goals. Will he succeed? This is a trillion-and-a-half dollar question!

One of my wonderful readers, Patricia Tilton of the Children’s Books Heal blog, has recently remarked that she enjoys my “cliffhanger writing style.” What can I say, I love to create a twist here and a turn there, which no one would expect. Many such twisty turns are woven into the fabric of THE EARTH SHIFTER – promise!

Enjoy your weekend and read on, dear friends! Continue reading

And the Oscar For the Funniest Book Review Goes To…


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I recently received this 4 star review for GREEN DESERT (Accidental Spy Iraq Prequel) on Barnes & Noble.

I don’t quite know what to make of this book, and I mean that in the best sense. It captures my attention and I will re-read it soon.

This review made me giggle, but it certainly was a giggle meant in the best sense! ;)

I guess I should be flattered that Green Desert captured someone’s attention and made them think. This was my intention you know. So, a funny review – yes; but I’ll take it! Perhaps my ideas and thoughts will be mainstream one day. Like with the 100 Monkeys Theory, it takes only a small percentage of people to shift to a new way of thinking – and acting (!) – in order to create a massive paradigm shift for humanity. 

Till then, I’ll keep dreaming, writing and speaking out…

GREEN DESERT COVER ebookAs Jade Snow, the heroine of Accidental Spy Adventures, said in conclusion of Green Desert, “One day, desert will be a garden again…”

Our beautiful Earth is a garden, not a military battleground! This is the message of Green Desert, and of my other books.

From GREEN DESERT description on Amazon: “The Butterfly Effect with an unexpected twist, this short, but full of action and drama read explores how interconnected we really are in this world.” Ebook is currently available #FREE from Barnes & Noble #Nook, Amazon #Kindle, as well as from other retailers. See all buy links here!

All my books (both paperbacks and ebooks) can now be purchased from multiple sources, including Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Sony, Apple, etc. Profits from my book sales go to no-kill animal shelter in Upstate NY, USA: Tompkins County SPCA; and to Siberian Tiger rescue project in Russia. Read more about that here!

Click on book cover images for all buy links!



ES COVER ebook 2


#Sochi2014 and Olympic Torch’s Record Journey Through #Russia and #OuterSpace


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sochi olympic venues

Sochi Olympics venues. Black Sea in the foreground and magnificent Caucasus Mountains in the background. (Click on image to see more detail)

In February 2014, Sochi, the unique Russian resort on the Black Sea will be hosting Winter Olympics. What makes it unique? While the climate on the Black Sea coast of Sochi is sub-tropical, with palm trees and warm sea even in the winter, the nearby Caucasus Mountains have snow caps even in the summer. It is here, in the Caucasus Mountains, at Krasnaya Polyana (meaning, Red Meadow or Beautiful Meadow), that the Winter Olympics 2014 will take place. 

In Sochi, for the first time in history, The Winter Olympics will be held in a sub-tropical climate!

Historic Soviet resort

Historic Soviet resort, Sochi, Russia Continue reading

I’ll be Donating Profits From My Book Sales to No-Kill Animal Shelter in USA and Siberian Tiger Rescue in Russia


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Each of the books I’ve written is about justice, peace and/or kindness amid the most adverse circumstances. Most of my books feature amazing and beautiful animals, both wild and domestic. I am very passionate about the beauty of our Mother Earth and about her animals being treated with respect and care they deserve.

THE EARTH SHIFTER features one of the miracles of Lake Baikal – its endemic seals (Nerpa), Siberian Bear, wolves, White Eagle, as well as the majestic Siberian Tiger; both STEPFORD USA and GOLD TRAIN feature rescued super-intelligent and heroic cats and dogs; and even my sci-fi novelette CATHARSIS includes a note of warning against cruelty and about the need for animal protection and preservation.

For a while, I’ve been considering donating profits from my book sales to a no-kill animal shelter and animal rescue in New York State, USA and in Siberia, Russia. I’ve done some research, and these are the organizations that clearly stand out.


march for the animals Ithaca SPCATompkins County SPCA http://www.spcaonline.com/ The first ever no-kill animal shelter in US History! Provides shelter to 3,000 animals annually.

Sept. 28, 2013 March for the Animals, Ithaca, NY

The Tompkins County SPCA was incorporated in February 1902 in an effort to prosecute individual cases of cruelty. In 1999, the SPCA Board of Directors resolved to become a “no kill” shelter, maintaining its no-kill status continuously since 2001-2002. Animal People, a prominent national journal on animal issues, ranked Tompkins County (Ithaca, NY) the safest community for companion animals in the United States. P.S. Ithaca (home to Cornell University and Buddhist Monastery – Dalai Lama’s Seat in North America) has also been voted the most spiritual city in the USA.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Saugerties, NY http://casanctuary.org/


Located in the New York’s Hudson Valley, Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) is a 110-acre haven for horses and farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect. In addition to emergency rescue, CAS provides innovative programs that educate the public about the sentience of farm animals, and the devastating impacts of agribusiness and institutionalized cruelty on animals, people, and the planet.

HorseCAS offers weekend and special group toursvegan cooking classes,speaking engagements, a summer day camp for kids, and a host of compassionate programming year round at its primarily solar-powered Sanctuary. Since 2001, CAS has rescued over 2,000 animals, and has worked in tandem with law enforcement to bring animal abusers to justice. Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue and rehabilitate farm animals and horses, to advocate for the abolition of institutionalized cruelty to animals through education, and to help people adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Buy links for my books (ebooks and paperbacks)


Siberian Tiger, aka Amur Tiger, aka Ussurian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) – IUCN Red Book endangered species. The largest cat and most magnificent tiger in the world, currently, only about 350 adult tigers are left in the wild (about 450 individuals all together), 95% of them in the Russian Far East.

Siberian tiger habitat

Siberian Tiger habitat

I have written about Siberian Tiger in THE EARTH SHIFTER, in the scene where Sasha encounters, and psychically helps, 2 tigers (and their yet unborn baby) dislodged from their habitat.

Victor, the tiger freed from a poachers snare released into the wild

Victor, tiger rescued from a poacher, released into the wild Continue reading

Beautiful Compilation of Random Acts of Kindness that Won’t Leave Anyone Untouched


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A must watch video! I cried… This is a beautiful compilation of random acts of kindness towards people and animals by total strangers in various Russian towns. Love in action, pure and simple!

As you all know, I am originally from Russia, although I presently live in the US, and I recognize some of the Russian towns in this video. Russians always help each other; it’s embedded in the culture.

Many thanks to: Paulette Mahurin @ PersecutionofMildredDunlap blog who reblogged it; Kindnessblog.com who found it on Youtube

A million thanks to Carlosanchez.co Youtube Channel, for posting this on YT

The drivers in Russia all carry dashcams in their cars to record any potential police irregularities and any car accidents for insurance purposes. But as a result, such beautiful and inspiring moments also get caught on film. It’s so wonderful to know that there is so much kindness still alive in the world!

Notice that all this has been recorded in 2012. Blessing to all!

I’ll Be Donating Profits From My Book Sales to No-Kill Shelter and Animal Rescue in USA and Russia


What People Want and Vladimir Putin’s Message


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This is the kind of time when keeping silence is not possible as some are trying to “lead” us to World War III. I refuse to pollute my beautiful #LadaRayBlog with the names of those ugly excuses for human beings in the US government, congress, as well as other countries who are implicated in doing so. I think everyone already knows who they are. If not, the information is out there for all to see and to make conclusions accordingly.

Due to a very busy time in my life, I have not been able to post new videos. However, I have a lot to say on the subject. Expect new vids on Lada Ray YT channel, as well as new posts on Futurist Trendcast blog. I will analyse the situation and make new predictions.

Till then, here is a message of reason, peace and hope from the Russian President Putin, who is reaching out directly to the American people via NY Times article, bypassing the politicians and warmongers who obviously don’t have our best interests at heart. Continue reading

Russian President Putin Personally Writes to the American People: A Plea for Caution from Russia Over Syria


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Lada Ray:

President Putin’s article that appeared in NY Times, which calls for peace, reason and friendship.

Originally posted on The Aquarius Paradigm:

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

vladimir_putin_586x330By Vladimir V. Putin, President of Russia, NY Times – September 11, 2013


MOSCOW — Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders.

It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.

Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again.

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Speaking Russian From the Heart: Хлеб-соль ешь, а правду-матку режь. – Honesty is the best policy


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Lada Ray:

Speaking Russian from the heart! Great blog: LIFE IN RUSSIA (the bridge between two countries) by an American expat living in Kazan, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan on River Volga. ***Those who’ve read my thriller, GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), will recall that Kazan is mentioned in the book. The Bank of Kazan served as storage for the huge Gold Reserve of the Russian Empire. This is where GOLD TRAIN’s intrigue begins as the Russian Gold Reserve vanishes during the 1918 Civil War. About GOLD TRAIN and my books. *** Anyone interested in truth, Russian culture, expat living, world travel and beautiful spots from all over the world should visit Life in Russia!

Originally posted on Life in Russia:

Хлеб-соль ешь, а правду-матку режь.



Eat bread and salt, cut the mother truth


Honesty is the best policy

visit: http://wp.me/p2ROdc-13N

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Andre Rieu – The Man Who Loves to Bring Joy


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Paraphrasing Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music:

When my faith in fellow humans takes a hit,

When world events make me sad,

I listen to Andre Rieu‘s beat

And suddenly my heart doesn’t feel as bad.

And more from Lada, the budding poet…

He is famous for spilling the stuffy classical music halls

Into squares of towns all over the world;

For infusing the immortal music’s sound

With fresh air (literally) and crowd’s joyful bout.


I love him for giving permission to himself and others to have fun while performing, and for the contagious, unadulterated joy he brings me every time I listen. Bravo, Maestro!

My favorite waltzes with Andre Rieu

Number 1 favorite pick-me-upper: the immortal Second Waltz (Russian Waltz) by great Dmitry Shostakovich. Andre Rieu’s live performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the people’s participation, all that singing along and dancing. And as many pointed out, people are well dressed and have manners – how refreshing!

My feelings in Spanish:

André Rieu es increíble! La alegría que transmite con su música no tiene comparación! Puedo oírla todo el día!

By the way, hear in the end people chanting in the background: “Mo-lo-dtsi, mo-lo-dtsi,” which is plural for “molodets” – famous Russian word loosely translated as “awesome person/people” (synonymous with “bravo”)…and the concert is taking place in Argentina! He truly is a global citizen – how awesome!

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My Updates: Big Move and Big Plans


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Hello, everyone!

This has been a very busy summer. I am looking forward to autumn, my favorite season, although I expect it to be just as busy. Busy is good, as the wind of change sweeps through, bringing lots of new and exciting things.

We have sold my house in the beautiful Catskill mountains, which I kept as a summer home during my Wall Street days, and which served as my secluded writer’s retreat for the past few years.


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Light, Lightworkers and New Earth – Mirabai Devi, Hawaii


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This is an awesome interview by Lilou Mace of The Juicy Living Tour. For those who don’t know, Lilou is a wonderful interviewer and a beautiful soul. She has interviewed the likes of Wayne Dyer, Dolores Cannon, Drunvalo and many others. Visit her website: http://juicylivingtour.com/.

This interview is full of light, love and positive energy. Mirabai Devi has practical advice on praying, raising frequency and “roasting out” karma NOW! Why wait? After all, it’s all well within our power! We live at the moment of great quickening on Planet Earth. It is the time when veils between dimensions are thinning, and disappearing all together.

I especially love these gems:

1. The prayers are living words; they are matrixes. You have to plug the healing formula into this matrix in order to clear the dis-ease, the disconnection from the Source. Continue reading