Undying Dog Loyalty – Another Amazing Rescue Video from Eldad Hagar @HopeForPaws


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“For the first time in a long while Woody felt love… again.” When his owner died, man’s relatives sold the house and left the poor dog behind. For a year, Woody waited for his owner to come back, while living under a dirty shed. He was all skin and bones and he was half-blind from deprivation and grief.

Too often humans display so much cruelty against the animals, other humans, and Earth itself…

God bless the beautiful souls who help animals in need, and god bless all animals. What would we do without these angels!

This is the newest, sad and inspiring, video from Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws. Woody makes an amazing recovery, showered by love and care of Eldad and Lisa.

Another viral video from Eldad, which has more than 17 million views on YT! ‘A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing!’


It’s one of the most worthy charities you will ever find to donate a bit of your money. You can donate at HopeForPaws.org

There are many more amazing dog rescue and incredible transformation videos on Eldad Hagar YT channel and HopeForPaws website!

Thank you Eldad, Lisa, and HopeForPaws for being Angels.


Heart-Breaking Video of an Abandoned, Terrified Dog Rescue in LA


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I HAD to post this unbelievably hard-breaking and amazing dog rescue video. I cried, looking at this poor little terrified doggie abandoned in LA. The neighbors said that the owners moved away a year prior, and just left him behind on the street!

God bless the angels who rescue innocents and protect those in need! This equally concerns animals, plants, people, and our planet Earth.

Eldad Hagar runs a famous dog rescue center in Los Angeles – where the dark energy cloud is always hanging over the city, which is ironic considering the town’s name. I was in LA and Beverly Hills once, and didn’t survive there for long, being very sensitive to energy. I was happy to leave and don’t plan to ever be back. While most of California is quite nice, I see LA as a giant hole of doom. No wonder there is so much need in animal rescue there. This is not to say that animal rescue is any less crucial in any other part of our planet. Animal cruelty and neglect are super-important to expose and counter everywhere; it is super-important to help all those who are in need.

Please share and help Theo, the rescued doggie, find a home! Go to Eldad Hagar’s YT channel, or to HopeForPaws.org, for more on how to donate to help him in his life-saving efforts! He has many more heart-breaking and inspiring dog rescue videos.


Those who CARE about justice and protection of the innocents, can also go to FuturisTrendcast, where I have several posts about atrocities committed by the #Kiev #nazi junta in #Ukraine against their own population in the east of the country. These eyewitness posts contain English translation for my Western readers, who are bombarded by non-stop politician and media disinfo and lies, and have no access to the truth about what’s happening in Ukraine.

Just like that poor innocent dog, these people are also cruelly bombed, killed, or driven out of their homes. Millions in #Donbass, eastern Ukraine now live in ruins, have no running water, electric and gas; many children and women have to flee across the Russian border, while Ukrainian snipers are awaiting them in the shadows.

It is truly shameful, in my opinion, that only Russia helps the refugees, children, women, and peaceful citizens of eastern Ukraine, while the WEST fully supports the bombings by the Kiev junta!

A picture of the east Ukraine child, blown to pieces by Kiev junta military, and still alive and crying from pain, went viral all over the internet. It is too horrific to post on my blog, but I am sure you can google it. Another child just died in Donetsk. Doctors struggled for 5 hours to save a little boy, but it was impossible to remove 30 bomb pieces stuck in the child’s head. Eyewitness report about the dead child and his dead mother. Ukraine army just shelled the RUSSIAN border patrol checkpoint, shooting across the border! One Russian wounded. These news in Russian here.



Summer Fun Excerpts


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If you haven’t checked out my books yet, you can do so by sampling the extensive excerpts I have posted under the new Excerpts tab on FuturisTrendcast blog. Or you can use the drop down Excerpts menu on top of the same blog. These excerpts are at times charming, at times dramatic and educational. And I like to think they are entertaining, too. My books are international, or inter-dimensional, adventure thrillers, most with mystical element.

Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy your summer!


FUTURISTRENDCAST banner2FuturisTrendcast blog: our past, present and future – beyond the obvious…

Introducing Lada Ray’s EarthShift TV


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Introducing EarthShift TV: new project by Author, Feng Shui Master, geopolitical consultant and mystical futurist, Lada Ray: far-reaching global predictions, geopolitics, cosmic consciousness, Truth, distortions of history, Russia, China, feng shui, and Earth Shift. We are starting to post audio/video versions of Lada’s most popular articles. Eventually, we are planning podcasts, Lada’s interviews and documentaries, as well as special reports for subscribers.

Watch EarthShift TV trailer:

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Truth, Lie and Propaganda. An Appeal to the American People from a Ukrainian


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Reblogged from Futurist Trendcast – Excerpts:

I simply had to post this video! It is addressed to the American people by a well-known musician from #Khrakov, #Ukraine, Filip Vartan Melkhizedek, and it has gone viral on Youtube. This is a well-informed, yet at the same time mystical & pacifist call from someone who is in the middle of it all. Filip is a Ukrainian citizen with Armenian roots, who as many, identifies with the Greater Russian culture. Unfortunately, since March when this video was first published, much happened in Ukraine – and the situation continues spiraling out of control.

Following the farce of the Kiev presidential election, a renewed full-blown military assault on the people of #Donbass is taking place. Some have naively hoped that after the elections the president-elect of Ukraine, Piotr #Poroshenko, would enter negotiations and call off Ukrainian troops from the East, resulting in cessation of hostilities, or at least in ceasefire. The opposite happened as assault intensified and as the count is now for hundreds, or perhaps thousands dead, including many peaceful civilians. I did predict that the elections would be a total farce with large portions of Ukraine boycotting them, that the “chocolate king,” oligarch Poroshenko would be elected, and that the civil war would intensify, not cease. See my original Ukraine Election Prediction. Watching what is happening today on the territory that used to be eastern Ukraine, and what is now #Novorossia, including #Donetsk and #Lugansk Republics, makes me sad and disgusted with humans. I know I am not alone in this. Some of my readers have emailed me saying how outraged they are at the killings of innocent people in Ukraine by the Kiev junta.

Truth, Lie and Propaganda Machine

I am extremely in tune and very sensitive to energy. After looking at something like this, which reeks of the absolute lie (I mean that in a spiritual sense – as opposed to TRUTH), I feel depressed and nauseated. This is why I almost never look at the Western MSM, hateful comments and violent videos. My reaction to lie and violence is very strong and I have to think of self-preservation.

The downside of blocking out the unpleasant and negative stuff are the proverbial “rosy glasses.” Unfortunately, this is how their propaganda is able to spread its tentacles all over the world. By “they” I mean Western MSM, US and EU governments, Vatican, as well as the many paid and volunteer trolls employed by the US and EU. Spiritual, positive and highly evolved people oftentimes tend to close their eyes to negative propaganda as we want to stay in our high, positive vibration. But THEY thrive on it! They love it in the low vibration of the lie – and they enjoy spreading lies, violence and hatred. They want people to fight and kill each other; their goal is to confuse, scare and depress.

The divisive Western propaganda machine is out of control. They had discovered a long time ago that humans at large fall for negative and life-diminishing propaganda much easier – and from that they developed a monster manipulation machine. It is so much easier to prey on humans’ fear, greed, old grudges and slights, which are born of a person’s insecurity and fear to take responsibility. We all have these, but the difference is that some of us see the truth and have enough intelligence to break out of the matrix. Others, well, others may be willing servants or puppeteers of said matrix. The fight between the light and dark is for the hearts and minds of those who are in between.

Speaking the Truth

The video below is one of those voices that speak profound truths in a sea of lies. Voices like Filip Vartan Melkhizedek’s are necessary to change the tide and break the spell of the evil enchanters. Among other things, the video brings up some very important points about the US exceptionalism and the US dollar; the difference between Western and Russian way of justice, and divine law vs. human law; it also brings up a very important point about the past and future of the Russian civilization and its global role – this I intend to speak about in my future articles and videos.

It is my hope that listening to this video may restore a tiny portion of faith in humanity for you, my readers… The video is in Russian, but below you will find the English translation (not by me, but I’ve cleaned it up a bit).

Read full article!

Prediction: Deal of the Century Between Russia and China – Huge Blow to the US and EU


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Reblogged from Futurist Trendcast:

Russia and China signed what is called the “Holy Grail gas deal” worth $400 bln. It guarantees the supply of Russian gas to China for 30 years. The Russia-China pipeline construction alone, associated with this deal, will be the largest construction project in the world. Currently, 70% of China’s energy needs are fulfilled by local coal. As a result, China is suffocating in harmful smog. China wants to move to the cleaner energy and Russian gas is providing this opportunity.

Putin and Euro remnantsWith the largest gas reserves in the world, Russia has plenty of gas to supply to China, as well as the EU. Presently, most of the Russian gas is purchased by the EU to feed its very large economy. However, half of Russia’s gas transit to the EU is being held hostage by the hostile Kiev regime managed directly by the US with EU’s help, and EU/US keep insisting on slapping sanctions against Russia. Because of pressures from the West, Russia has to re-assess its economic and geopolitical priorities. What the Western leaders are realizing too slowly is that Russia is holding all the cards.

I predicted this exact outcome from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis. The thing is that the myopic “leaders” in the EU and US misjudged Russian leadership. More disturbingly, they seriously overestimated their own value to Russia.

Putin won’t hold on to the past located in the West, if he sees much better future jumping into his hands in the East. The deal with China is all that. As I said before, in the next several years, EU should expect gas supply shortages. Not because Russia will do it maliciously, but because Ukraine will attempt to sabotage EU gas supply by stealing gas going to the EU. As we know, Ukraine didn’t settle its gas bill with Gazprom since the beginning of 2014. To cut off the malignancy that is today’s Kiev authorities, Russia may have to limit or abandon altogether its gas pipeline going through Ukraine, writing it off as unprofitable headache.

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Ukraine Scandals! USA Raids Ukrainian Gold and EU Sends Nuclear Waste


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This post is reblogged from my new blog Futurist Trendcast, where I have been posting an ongoing series of articles about the situation in Ukraine, as well as about Russia, USA, EU and other countries. The blog also contains predictions for various global events and more. Visit Futurist Trendcast.

Ukraine Scandals! USA Raids Ukrainian Gold and EU Sends Nuclear Waste

Shortly after the Kiev coup, the US stooge Yatsenyuk looted the Ukraine treasury. The Ukraine gold reserve, as reported by various sources, was sent to the USA in 40 sealed boxes for “safekeeping.” Through my sources in Ukraine, I learned about this report almost immediately. However, with so many urgent events taking place which needed to be brought to light, I had to postpone this post. I have to admit that I was not surprised in the least at the raiding of Ukraine gold. That to me was the foregone conclusion, which only proves the extent of Kiev’s corruption.
People generally misunderstand the nature of the Ukraine’s gold reserve. When they talk about it, they visualize gold bars or other conventional bullion. This however, is a completely different story. Ukraine generally doesn’t have much of a traditional gold reserve. The little they had was looted and spent by Orange revolutionaries and prior kleptomaniacs in power.
The gold reserve Ukraine still possesses is the gold of the ancient Scythians, or in Russian: Skiffs. From the 10th to 3rd century b.c., and possibly much longer before that, the Great Scythia occupied most of Eurasia. Scythians were the original Arians, and as has been proven by various researchers (knowledge that has been actively suppressed), ancestors of the Russian civilization. I have been researching this issue in-depth. I will be doing a documentary about the forbidden history of the Russian civilization and the suppressed knowledge that has the power to completely change our history as we know it.
I always loved history and felt deep connection to the mythical past of my country. I remember as a child going to museums, marvelling at the intricate gold work and imagining the mysterious civilization of the ancient Scythians stretching from the Black Sea to the Scythian Ocean (Arctic Ocean) as the ancient Greeks called it, through Siberia and parts of China.
skiffs gold 5


Lada Ray’s books that take place in Russia: The Earth Shifter and Gold Train

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Breaking! US Planned to Turn #Crimea into Military Base Against Russia


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This post is reblogged from my new blog Futurist Trendcast, where I have been posting an ongoing series of articles about the situation in Ukraine, as well as about Russia, USA, EU and other countries. The blog also contains predictions for various global events and more. Visit Futurist Trendcast.

Breaking! US Planned to Turn #Crimea into Military Base Against Russia

A couple of weeks ago Crimea and Sevastopol almost unanimously voted to re-join Russia. The Crimeans said: we had been unappreciated guests, now we are returning home after a long voyage. More about that in my articles:

The information coming to the surface now shows that if Crimea stayed as part of Ukraine, it would have become a huge NATO/US military base. I seriously doubt that the people of the Crimea would have stood for that, but if such a thing did happen, it would have meant WWIII as Russia would never allow it. From this perspective it’s especially clear why NATO, USA and EU were so shocked that Russia decisively accepted Crimea back. They already considered it theirs.

The city of Sevastopol is the prized possession. This is one of the best harbors in the world. But the entire Crimea is of huge strategic importance – first and foremost, if you want to attack Russia. In addition, Crimea is important for the control over other countries, including Iran and Turkey. As they say, he who controls Crimea, controls the Black Sea.

At least one hospital in Crimea’s capital Simferopol and at least one school in Sevastopol were targeted by the US/NATO just recently. They were planning on turning the hospital into a base for their troops after a massive renovation. One of the high schools (a gymnasium) in Sevastopol the Kiev authorities were about to sell to the US to be repurposed as a school for spies, targeting Russia. It was planned that the kids going to that school would be learning languages and spying techniques since an early age.

It appears Americans wanted to turn the Crimea into a massive military/navy/intelligence complex. The famous, one-of-a-kind Soviet underground submarine base in Balaklava, which is now the Museum of the Cold War, was visited in the past several years by at least 25 delegations from the Pentagon, US Navy, NATO, and Western political circles. Kiev gave them access to super-secret Russian/Soviet sectors of the base, which were supposed to be off limits. They studied with great interest the secret documentation and technology.

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Lada Ray’s books that take place in Russia: The Earth Shifter and Gold Train

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Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn


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Reblogged from FuturisTrendcast:

Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn

On multiple previous occasions I have predicted that any sanctions against Russia by the West will only backfire, expediting Russia’s re-orientation to the East and the unavoidable re-molding of the Western financial/economic model.

Russia’s re-orientation and subsequent creation of the independent financial system is what the banksters of Wall Street and London City fear most. This will eventually result in a catastrophe for the US/UK and EU, except for those European countries that succeed in re-orienting their economies to the East. Meanwhile, Russia, China and other countries in the Eurasian space, will benefit tremendously. Read: Ukraine Part 7: Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake.

The Presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have officially announced that the transition of the semi-formal Customs Union into the formal economic Eurasian Union will be expedited and completed by 2015. The Eurasian Union will adopt a new currency: Altyn (Rus: Алтын). Vladimir Putin announced that Altyn as the new Eurasian currency was originally planned for 2025, but now, due to the US/EU sanctions against Russia, the transition to Altyn may occur within 3-5 years.

Altyn has a very ancient and long-ranging history. Altyn means gold. The word is of Turkic origin (not to be confused with Turkish). The Turkic family of languages includes languages spoken by the Siberian peoples, Tatars, Mongols, and of course, Kazakhs.

Altyn was the name of the ancient gold coin once used by Russians extensively for trade with Turkic and Arabic neighbors. Later, in medieval times, altyn, or  “altynnik,” became one of the regular Russian coins. In 15th century, altyn equalled six Moscow dengi, or 1/200s of a Moscow ruble. It also equaled three Novgorod dengi, or 1/100s of a Novgorod ruble. Denga was also called “kopeika” (kopeika is presently the 1/100s of a ruble). In the ancient times it was also called the arian “kuna.”

The old Russian proverb was: “Had nothing, and all of a sudden, altyn.” Rus: “Не было ни гроша, да вдруг алтын”. This is an equvalent of English: “From rags to riches.” In those days kopeikas and altyns were big money. And only the rich owned rubles. Of course, back then all currency was real gold, silver and bronze.

In this regard, the original meaning of Altyn, “gold,” is very telling. Through Altyn, Russia/Kazakhstan/Belarus, in short the new Eurasian Union, are sending a signal that they are targeting the gold standard. Along with China also targeting the gold standard through the Yuan, the new Eurasian currency will lead to…

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Forbidden Archeology: Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Lada Ray:

According to the relatively recent Russian discoveries (the late professor Levashov and linguist Chudinov, as some examples), and also based on the Russian legends, the Russian civilization is at least well over 100,000 years old and it originated in Siberia, or more precisely, it occupied both a big part of Europe and Siberia, having come from Siberia over 100,000 years ago, where there were advanced cities and cross-continental underground transportation tunnel system through which people could move with lightning speed from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.
That’s who built these massive constructions and it wasn’t done with mechanical devices.

There are also connections to Atlantis, Vedas and runes.

Also, researchers talk about the extra-terrestrial origins of the Russian civilization. What is known as the Russian pagan gods: Perun, Yar and others, are believed to be the ancestors who came from the stars. One of them was Lada – goddess of wisdom, harmony and smooth sailing.

I am trying to reconcile a lot of material about all this and by summer I hope to start writing and doing videos about it.

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:

Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered .


Michael Snyder

 on March 10th, 2014

Mount Shoria

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted…

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Holi, The Indian Festival of Colors 2014, by Pranjal Borthakur


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I love writing about holidays, celebrations and live-affirming traditions from around the world. On this blog, I have written extensively about the Russian New Year celebration, March 8 – the International Women’s Day, as well as about various Chinese New Year celebrations and traditions. I have also written about the festivity that was the Sochi Olympics.

Two years ago, when this blog was just starting out, my friend from India, Pranjal Borthakur, and I did a post together. That post immediately became one of the popular posts on my blog. It was about Holi, the famous Hindu festival of colors, as well as about Pranjal’s school. Read the original post (with great pics + history and traditions of Holi): Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors, with Guest Pranjal Borthakur.

Today, my guest Pranjal again is graciously sharing some wonderful photos of his home and the beautiful celebration of Holi in the capital of the Indian province of Assam, Guwahati. This time, in addition to Holi, Pranjal, his school and family have also been celebrating the birthday of my favorite Hindu goddess Saraswati, the patron of the arts, knowledge and wisdom.


Saraswati – goddess of the arts and knowledge

Pranjal is a teacher and school owner. His school is for the children of the poor in the area. He is a very kind soul, who believes in equal educational opportunity for everyone, including the underprivileged. However, in the past two years, he has encountered a lot of resistance from local authorities and a lack of funding. My prayers are with Pranjal and his school. I hope the hard times are over soon, Pranjal. May your school and educational method be a great success, and may all the children of India have equal access to good education. More about Pranjal’s school in my original post. Continue reading

Best of Sochi Olympics Revisited: Sochi Views and Closing Ceremony


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This is part 2 of my “Best of Sochi Olympics” mini-series. Read part 1 here.

russia sweeps podium in men's ski marathon Russia won most gold (13) and most silver (11) medals with the highest overall medal count (33). Norway was second and Canada third. USA, with the largest number of athletes in Sochi, was fourth, as judged by the gold medal count. USA was 2nd in overall medal count. Final medal count (source sochi2014.com):

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Russian Fed. 13 11 9 33
2 Norway 11 5 10 26
3 Canada 10 10 5 25
4 United States 9 7 12 28
5 Netherlands 8 7 9 24
6 Germany 8 6 5 19
7 Switzerland 6 3 2 11
8 Belarus 5 0 1 6
9 Austria 4 8 5 17
10 France 4 4 7 15

In addition, Sochi Paralympic Games have just ended. Russia finished with an overwhelming win: 30 gold, 80 overall medals. Congratulations to all winners!

I thought the Sochi Olympics were very well organized and spectacularly presented. The observers noted the impeccable quality of skating, skiing and other facilities. And of course, the Opening Ceremony, but to me, especially the Closing Ceremony, were simply spectacular and mesmerizing. More about the Closing Ceremony below! Continue reading

Prediction: Crimea Independence Vote


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Reblogged from Futurist Trendcast

Prediction: Crimea Independence Vote

Tomorrow, March 16, 2014, the Crimean Autonomous Republic is voting for independence from Ukraine in a republic-wide referendum.

As I have said before, my prediction is: 75%, plus/minus 5%, will vote for independence from Ukraine and for re-joining Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation. The result could be as high as 80%.

In the run-up to the referendum, the Crimean government has done something very smart: they have afforded the Tatar language the status of the third official language, along with Russian and Ukrainian – something that Ukraine had repeatedly refused to do, therefore securing the Tatar minority’s pro-Russian vote. Compare that with how #Kiev unelected authorities are acting: they have banned Russian TV channels and #Russian language as a second state language, promising the continuous forceful ukrainization of the Russian population. As a reminder: up to 70% in Ukraine consider themselves Russian regardless of their ethnicity, and nearly 90% speak Russian on a daily basis. Meanwhile, in Crimea 97% of the population is Russian-speaking. Continue reading

FULL Lada Ray Interview About Ukraine and Russia With Plane Truth: The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev


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Lada Ray Interview About Ukraine and Russia With Plane Truth:

The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev

Listen to my exensive new interview with the Time Monk Radio‘s show, The Plane Truth. We talk in detail about current situation in Ukraine, the future of the Crimea and the rest of Ukraine, history and cultural background of different parts of Ukraine, Russia’s geopolitics, USA and EU’s role in Ukraine. We also touch upon my far-reaching predictions concerning Russia, Ukraine, EU, USA and the Middle East.



You can read my geopolitical analysis and predictions at futuristrendcast.wordpress.com. Presently, I am writing an ongoing series of articles addressing the situation, developments and prospects of Ukraine, as well as Russia’s, US/EU roles in this crisis.

Best of Sochi Olympics Revisited: Opening Ceremony and Memorable Victories


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First, allow me to wish a VERY HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all the lovely women of the world! Read my post:  March 8, Happy International Women’s Day!


Also, an important announcement: Yesterday, March 7th, I was on the Time Monk Radio’s show The PLANE TRUTH. We have discussed in detail the situation in Ukraine, Russia’s role, USA/EU, geopolitics and some of my predictions. I will post the video of the interview on Lada Ray Blog, as well as YT Channel as soon as it becomes available.



13 Gold medals, 33 overall – 1st place! Bravo! Well done!

Let’s belatedly revisit the Sochi Olympics spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, as well as some of the best Olympic moments – in stunning images!

Sochi Olympics were the most expensive Olympics in history at $50-51 bln. In seven years, the old, quaint Soviet resort of Sochi was transformed into a huge modern athletic and tourist center. 11 international athletic venues were built from scratch, most of these so cutting-edge architecturally that they can be disassembled and taken to another city for a different event. So, I won’t be too surprised if one day I see the Sochi Faberge egg Olympic stadium in St Petersburg. ;)

Also, 40,000 new hotel rooms were built, and to top it off, the new port, new rail road station, many new roads and other infrastructure was added, plus a new high-speed railroad connecting Sochi seaside with Krasnaya Polyana, Adler and the mountains where all the mountain-based events took place during the Olympics.

Opening ceremony 21

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What is Really Happening in Ukraine? And Why Should We Care?


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On Friday, March 7, 2014 I will be on the Time Monk Radio’s show PLANE TRUTH. We will be talking in detail about the situation in Ukraine, Russia’s role, USA/EU, geopolitics, my predictions, as well as my books. I will post the video of the interview as soon as it becomes available. 

Opening ceremony 21

The #Sochi2014 Olympics are over and what an amazing show it was! I enjoyed it tremendously and I hope you did as well! I was preparing a 3 part series on the #SochiOlympics, however, the ugly and sad events in Ukraine stole the spotlight and attention from the beautiful and exciting event that was the Olympics. 

That wasn’t an accident. The spotlight was stolen on purpose… Continue reading


Lada Ray:

Love this new post by the spiritual blogger Maddie Walsh at @1_Earth_United. The deeper meaning of Aloha!

Originally posted on 1EarthUnited:

Aloha  in the  Hawaiian language  means  affectionpeacecompassion  and  mercy . Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an  English  greeting to say  goodbye  and  hello .

by Curby Rule

For those who follow the path of Huna, or are fortunate enough to live in Hawai’i, it is common for us to use the word Aloha. We use it in greetings and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more, it is a way of life.

Besides these common meanings, the word Aloha holds within itself all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. These insights describe an attitude or way of life sometimes called “The Aloha Spirit” or “The Way of Aloha”.

The spirit of Aloha was an important lesson taught to the children of the…

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Chinese New Year of the Horse Predictions by Feng Shui Master Lada Ray


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Chinese New Year of the Horse Predictions

by the Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master, Lada Ray


The Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse starts on January 31, 2014. The celebrations, as always will last for 15 days. The coming year is a very special year in the Chinese calendar. Why? Read on to find out.

But first, let me explain why this year is called the Year of the Wood Horse.

Chinese elements and colors of the Wood Horse

Just like in Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs in the Chinese horoscope. However, since the Chinese system is based on EARTH WISDOM, each sign is denoted not by a celestial body, as in Western astrology, but by an earthly animal totem. 

Although there are only 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac wheel, in actuality each year configuration can repeat only every 60 years, and here is the reason why. In addition to animal signs, the Chinese system also goes by the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Therefore, there are 5 types of each animal, depending on which element cycle we are in. Consequently, there are five types of the Horse Year.

We have now switched from the WATER to the WOOD 5-year cycle. Therefore, The New Year 2014 is the YEAR OF THE WOOD HORSE. The color of wood is green (and also brown as in the trunk of a tree), so the Year of the Wood Horse is sometimes referred to as the Year of the Green Horse.

Meanwhile, the horse itself rules the SOUTH of the Chinese zodiac wheel. The color of the south is RED – denoting fire – therefore the self-color of the HORSE is red and its self-element is fire.

Fire Horse

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Save Our Dolphins! Help Stop Mass Dolphin Slaughter in Japan!


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1/23/14 Important Breaking News! 1. Worldwide #WAZA #Tweetstorm to save #taiji #dolphins is tomorrow, 1/24/14! Scroll down for links, hours, how to join! 2. I posted new info on what we can do to ensure the Taiji dolphin slaughter never happens again – scroll down for the list! 3. Help save the rare albino baby dolphin “Angel,” torn away from her mother and sentenced to a life of captivity because of human greed and cruelty! 4. Last but not least, kudos and #gratitude to #Greece for upholding its ban on captive dolphin performances! More below! Read on!

And now, to my post:

My next post was supposed to be about the Chinese New Year of the Horse and my predictions for the year 2014. But then I learned about what is happening in Japan right this moment! 500 dolphins have been trapped in the infamous Taiji Cove where the bleeding, stressed, petrified animals await their gruesome deaths! I am shocked and shaken to the core by this despicable mass slaughter of the gentlest, most beautiful and evolved creatures our planet has ever produced! And all this – for greed and profit!

Japan defends their barbaric annual dolphin slaughter ritual as a Japanese tradition. Slavery was also a tradition; does that mean we should have kept it too?

Bottlenose dolphins

Beautiful, playful #bottlenose dolphins that are being mercilessly slaughtered in Japan right now! Continue reading

Please help Save the Dolphins


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Lada Ray:

The outrageous practice of annual dolphin and whale hunt and cruel mass murder of innocent #dolphins and #whales in #Japan is shameful and reprehensible! #Dolphinslaughter in #Taiji #Japan must stop! #HelpCoveDolphins #tweet4taiji. Please help stop this heartbreaking genocide! Please sign petitions! Please tweet and write to govt and Prime Minister of Japan to express your protest and indignation! Retweet, reblog, FB, share! Raise awareness!
Thank you, Maddie, for the post. My own post with more information and links is coming soon!

Originally posted on 1EarthUnited:



Please take action and sign the petition above, help stop the mindless slaughter of our fellow mammals. They are intelligent, conscious beings and have a right to live like any sentient being on Earth.  Mass slaughter of these magnificent creatures are a travesty and should not be condoned.

“Although the hunting of dolphins is widely condemned in the West, many in Japan defend the practice as a local custom — and say it is no different to the slaughter of other animals for meat”, this is the viewpoint held by Japanese fishermen. While it may not be “illegal” to hunt, how could anyone in good conscience kill these good natured, friendly, harmless animals? Even without bringing human morality into this debate, where is the empathy and compassion? It simply makes no sense to me why humans commit atrocities…

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